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June 17, 2009

Oh Happy Dayyyyy...

So today hasn't been the best of days. I have just been in a crappy mood, that's allowed, right? Well, this afternoon I was driving home from picking up my dinner (Chipotle...to be exact.) and then I pulled up behind this truck.

MadeMyDay. Kind of cheesy, I know. But, would you still be my friend if you knew that I waved back at all of these goofballs?

Yes, yes I did. And just when I thought I had lost my mind, I looked over at the car next to me, and the lady in the passenger seat also waved to them. ThankYouSweetBabyJesus, I'm not the only lunatic in Utah Looks like there are two of us lunatics in Utah. Tonight I am skipping out on the game, eating my big ol' burrrrrrrito (that's supposed to mean that I am rolling my r's), and watching every episode of The First 48 that I have taped in the last few days (which by the way, is a lot of episodes).

"But Lindsay, why aren't you going to the last game of the home stand?!?!"

I am going to quote my good friend Darcy Budde on this one. "You've seen em' once, you've seen em' all." HA. I love her. She's HI-larious. So, there you have it, not going :)

Last nights game was freeeeeeezing. It has been purtty chilly here there past few days. The other day it was 54 degrees. I am not making that up folks. C-o-l-d.

The guys only have only 3 games here while they are home. The first game Adam went 1 for 3 with a single. Last nights game Adam got the only run scored for the whole game. The score at the end of the game was 0-1..I think it was a sacrifice bunt that brought in the runner that was at 3rd. I was just glad that that game didn't go into extra innings. I am not quite sure what he has done yet in tonight's game except that he has a double. Yipee!

I only have ONE WEEK until my trip to Washington DC to see some of the fam jam! I am really excited, but I am trying to prepare myself for the weather. I am very excited to see everyone, and I am also very past due on some good southern cookin' (or mostly just all of the good restaurants...)

Work is still going good! I didn't work on Sunday or Monday...or Tuesday, but I did work today and I have to go back in the morning after the guys go to the airport! It works out great!

I keep asking Adam to write a blog but he doesn't love y'all like I do hasn't had the time to sit down and actually do it. What a shame...actually, who am I kidding, my post are way better than his :)

Oh me oh my, it's thunder storming..I am going to go crawl up in a corner and rock back and forth until everyone gets home..errrr, I mean, I am going to go watch the tube. Adios amigos.


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  1. lmao at the men on the truck......thats funny

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