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August 25, 2009

There's no doubt about it....

I'm definitely back in the south. It's always surprised me how living in Utah for half of the year, then the South for the other half is like living in two totally different worlds. When I first got to Utah and saw the scenery of the humongous mountains surrounding everywhere I looked, it really seemed like I was in a different country. One of the things I vaguely remember about Salt Lake was how many people drove a Subaru . I was just amazed at how many of those u-g-l-y cars were on the road (I later learned that they drive good in the snow or something like that). Even the people in SLC are different...they are definitely weirder and waaaaay less friendly!

**If I know you and you drive a Subaru, I'm not actually making fun of your car...well, maybe I am, but you're probably still the bomb.com

Want to know how I knew I was back in the south when I came home this time?

While riding down the escalator in the Atlanta airport during a layover, I learned a strangers whole life story within the 45 second escalator ride. For once, I wasn't the one trying to strike up a convo to a complete stranger! Hall-a-lu-yer! Seriously, at that moment I knew it was good to be back in the south! Sometimes in SLC I will be standing in line at the store, and I think how awfully weird it is that the person behind me isn't trying to talk to me! Back at home, everyone talks to everyone, even if you don't know 'em!

Just the other day, when I was stopped in Mississippi waiting for the 'naders (umm..tornadoes) to pass on my way home from NOLA, I ran into the Arby's/gas station and this older fella (who also stopped to let the storm pass) just started yappin' to me about how his wife smokes, but he doesn't, and sometimes he feels like the people that smoke just do it to socialize more (whatever that means). Seriously, the story went on for 10 minutes...at least. But, like I said...those folks, just striking up a conversation with a complete stranger..I love it!!!

Ooooohh, another thing.....

In Alabama, whenever there is a sneaky little cop hiding in the bushes waiting on the next little NASCAR driver to speed down the road, you will see a nice little car flashing their brights at you letting you know he's-a-hiding. When I was in SLC a few years ago when I lived with some roommates, I flashed my brights at a car passing by and my roommate was totally clueless as to what that meant. True story. So all that time I thought I was trying to "help a brotha out" in SLC, they probably just thought I didn't know how to work my lights. Good times.

Now now now, when I was flying here from SLC this last time, I MostDefinitelyKnewIWasBackInBama when I walked up the little tunnel thingy-ma-jig when I got off the plane, and the security guard man sitting by the door had a fat dip in his mouth, spitting into a Coke bottle...Home Sweet Home!! Ha.

I'm not really sure what possessed me into writing about this subject, but it just happened. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I am going to eat at City Cafe tomorrow. If you don't know what City Cafe is, then we can't be friends you're missing out. It's the best southern food e-v-e-r. Salt Lake doesn't have any restaurants with good country cookin'. And we all know I don't cook it! Adam is missing out! I have also gained about 78 pounds with Taco Casa alone. Everyone say it with me "Diet ASAP."

Ok, well now that I got all of that off my chest, I'm going to bed! Nighty night!!


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