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August 22, 2009

Oopsie Daisy...

On my last post I said I would blog again"tomorrow".. that was almost a week ago! Sorry! Now that the wedding is over I have had some down time! I left on the 18th to go see Adam in New Orleans. My cousin Anna Lisa was supposed to go with me but she ended up having some last minute things to do! She is moving to New York soon so we were going to be rushed! Adam and I had a great time in New Orleans! We didn't do much of anything, it was waaay to hot and humid to go sight seeing! We just lounged around the hotel room, rented a movie, and ate a lot of good Cajun food! I think it might have been my favorite road trip yet! I was supposed to come back to Bama on the 20th but ended up staying until yesterday. That was a bad idea because the weather was horrible the entire trip! It got so bad that I had to pull over in Meridian, MS for over an hour! I thought it would be fine because I pulled over at an Arby's, so I just figured that I would get some food. That didn't happen, their power was out.

So after the storm passed I was back on the road! It rained pretty much everyday I was there but the games never got cancelled. So you know that the day I left, Adam calls me at 8:30 at night, which of course I immediately thought something was wrong because he has never called me during a game..and the first thing I asked him was "Why are you calling me???DID YOU GET EJECTED???" ...he said that they cancelled the game. Go figure. I didn't get too sad though, I knew he would be going to bed early because they had a 4:15am wake up call....muwahahahahahaha.

Lately, the Bee's haven't been doing their best. They've only won a few games and have dropped to 3rd place in their league. That means that the odds of them going to playoffs are looking rather slim, considering there are only 18 more games left. In the last 10 games Adam is 9 for 36. A lot of guys that have been on the disabled list are now back in Salt Lake. That means that Adam is back to not playing every day. I hope Adam can get in some good playing time though, this is an important year for him! He's talked to his agent some about winter ball, it's still in the works though.

I spent the night with my brother so I could hang out with Hunter and Taelor, we played outside for a little bit. I knew it was time to go inside and give them a bath when I looked over and Taelor had taken her clothes and diaper off on the front porch. Good times.

Adam just called and said they got to SLC safely, he's going back to bed. I'm just going to spend some time with the fam! Talk to ya soon!

Outside on the porch blowing bubbles..and sweating our tails off!
Potty Time!...I think it's time Robby gets her a little potty!
The little Princess in her princess chair!
The little lady herself! She's a mess!!

I love this kid!!!!

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