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August 31, 2009

One More Week!!!!


I've been back for a few days now and have been enjoying some time with the girls! We are allvery ready for the season to be over with, and multiple times a day we remind each other of how many days are left. 8 days. Yes sir!

Tonight Adam is playing 3rd base. He hasn't played since the 26th, I am so glad he is finally in the game. I am pretty much over the Bee's at this point..seriously, only playing in 2 games for the past week in a half is just ridiculous. It makes me so mad! But like I said before, I think I am more pissed off about it than Adam is. Whatever.

Today Jenny (Sandoval), Myla (Rodriguez), and I went on a hike. It was near the capitol downtown so once we got to the top we had a beautiful view of Salt Lake! It was kind of smokey outside so we couldn't see some of the mountains. It was a lot of fun! We got to the top and had a little bite to eat, then headed back down! I can't wait to take Adam when they get back!

That's really all I have, nothing big to report! Tonight the Angels should be calling up a few players for the September call-ups. They probably will only call up a few and then send a few more up on the 7th once the triple a season is over with. I can't wait to see who all goes up! Dun dun dunnnnnn.

Oh my, Brad Paisley is on the tube, time for me to go! Holla!!

Myla and Jenny
Myla and I

Darn you smoke!!!

Only8 more days in this cit-ay!

Going up up up!


  1. You are soooooooooo lucky henry isnt with the Bees cuz they would have made playoffs. its our luck i tell you! we clinched yesterday. when its over he gets to come home for 2 weeks one of them we have to go to Reno for a wedding. yes mam' no time to see the husband i am beginning to think im not married! lol...
    well, enjoy the last days of baseball and of course i will talk to you soon. I love and miss you!!

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  2. I like you new lay out very cute...is that smoke from the fires here in Cali or local SL fires...is that a dumb questions but they said on the news here there was smoke from Cali as far as Colorado haha

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