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September 14, 2009

benadryl overdose? yes, please!

I'm usually not a big fan of taking medicine. Not because I am anti-meds or anything, just because I have a hard time swallowing pills. Last night though, me and my friend Benadryl went a little cray-zay! I think from spending so much time in Barnes N Noble, I might have caught a cold! Needless to say, the Benadryl knocked me the freak out and I slept like a baby...until 12:00! Holy guacamole, that's late for me! A big cup of coffee was definitely in order. See the thing is, like I said, I don't like to take medicine..and I most definitely don't like to take Benadryl. Mainly because it makes me a zombie for the entire next day. But I think might have helped that I slept the day away. It's all good in the hood now. I'm just starving!

Last night Adam and I went to the speaking event that we have been anxiously awaiting! It was a lot like the one we saw before. It was help at the Tabernacle near the Temple downtown. It was really pretty, but ummm hello? It was so friggin' hot! Can't those people afford an air conditioner? Thank goodness for the little fliers that they handed out, it made a great fan. It was a long service, which was just dandy because by the time it was over I had no circulation in my legs due to the fact that the bench we were sitting on was so tall that my feet didn't touch the floor! Really though, I am glad we went, Nick is so inspirational and I loved hearing his story again!

Adam and I have been spending most of our time at Barnes & Noble. The area that we are in is within walking distance to almost everything we need. We even set up shop in the cafe the other day to watch the Bama football game on the computer. I know people thought we were crazy! We both had headphones on and whenever Bama did something good we would cheer and high five. Talk about dedication! You don't even know how hard it was for me to have to be quiet and sing Rammer Jammer. Good times.

The other day Adam and I went to the movies. We saw Inglorious Basterds. Not really a movie that I wanted to see, but it had Brad Pitt in it so uhhhh hello...I'm game. Ladies, am I right..or am I right?? It turned out to be a really great movies..except for the fact that it was soooo gruesome! Seriously, be prepared to turn your head a time or two and gag. Brad Pitt was really funny in the movie too, and I don't know why, but I thought it was really funny when he said "sauerkraut sammich"...ok, maybe you have to see the movie to think it's funny too.

So, what are our plans now that Nicks event is over with? I'm so glad you asked!

I'm actually not sure! We are having dinner with the team chaplain and then we are going to mosey our way out of Salt Lake! It hasn't really felt like the off season yet, because we are still here! If you are wondering why we didn't book it out of Salt Lake from the start, it's because this is the last time we will be in SLC. We are just trying to soak it all up, and do some last minute things before we leave! We have no timeline and are just enjoying ourselves without baseball! Next year we have no idea where we will be, but it definitely won't be Salt Lake. So we are in no hurry to get outta here! We will be leaving here within the next few days and we are going to be driving to Suttons Bay, MI. Adam's family has a farm up there and his Grandpa lives there. Adam hasn't been there in a few years so we figured this would be a great time to go and spend a few days! After that we are going to head down to Alabama! We are going to be going to the Alabama vs Arkansas game with my Dad..whoot whoot! Adam is sooo excited about that! I'm not exactly sure how long Adam is going to stay in AL but I have to stay until the 10th because I am in another wedding! Sometime after the 10th I will be driving down to FL. We aren't sure how long I will be in FL, it just depends on the winter ball situation. Talk about being stressed out!

So, there's our plans so far! I thought I had a lot more to write about but considering my stomach just growled louder than...I don't know what...I'm going to go eat a little somethin' somethin'.

Sorry but there aren't any pictures..I've got to get Adams phone and get the pictures, then I will post them later.... :)

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  1. What in the????? your still in SLC? You weren't kidding when you said you and Adam weren't in a hurry.. How fun!! I was thinking your drive must have gone very smooth because of the lack of FB updates about a drive. Matt told me about that speaker coming to the Tabernacle.. I wanted to go but forgot about it.. oops! Love the Bitch book by the way!!!

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