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September 3, 2009

Just paroozing through some old pictures.

Most of you probably already know that Adam and I have been dating for quite some time now. It's always fun to look back at all of our old pictures, you know, the ones where we were just friends and never even thought about dating. Good times. I thought that I would share a couple of pictures from back in the day..some are from our old high school days and such. Now now, don't be too jealous of some of my hairstyles, but you know, we all go through "that stage" where it's a little rough in the luscious locks department. Enjoy!

I know this wasn't one of Adams proudest moments, but he definitely caught my eye at our first cheer leading practice. (1958)

Adam was an all-around athlete, basketball was one of his favorite past times.
Go #32! (1968)

It wasn't easy being the only girl in the chess club, but I survived! Look at Adams fro! (1972)

Definitely one of my favorite memories from High School, Prom King & Queen! (1978)

Oh yes, the 80's. Who didn't love the 80's? (1982)

**Ssiiiggghhh** How can you not love him?!! (1986)

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