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September 3, 2009

Another record in the books...

Yes sir-ee Bob! Last night Adam got the RBI he needed to break the record to be the Bees all time leader in RBI's! Here is a picture of him (trying to look hard) with the ball!
While Toasty is out breaking records, me and the girls have just been counting down the hours days until the guys come home! They get in around 10:30 in the morning! That's when the real countdown begins..only 4 more games!! Last night the Bees got eliminated from the playoffs (!). We were all (guys included) very thrilled..we wanna go home! Adam and I can't wait to go to a Bama game!

No other news to report! I have just been watching Grey's Anatomy marathons! Only 3 more weeks until the new season starts! After that, it's Desperate Housewives! Oh my, both of my shows back on, the off season, Alabama football....Everyone say it with me- HEAVEN!!

Winter ball for Adam is still in the works. I think I mentioned before that he had a call from Mexico, but it was for the first half, and he only wants to play the second half. I am almost positive that if he does go to winter ball, I won't be going with him. The Dominican wasn't my cup of tea. It just all depends on where he goes, and maybe once he gets there and finds out if any other girls are there, then I might consider it. Who knows! Winter ball is a totally different atmosphere. The games last for-ev-er and the fans are loud and obnoxious. Whistles being blown, little kids banging on the metal railings, drums being banged (bung?! No, that's not right), people speaking a language that I obviously don't know , men guarding the parking lots with sawed off shot guns (security?!?!), having to wash our clothes in the bath tub, not knowing if I just tipped the pizza delivery boy $100 because I don't know the conversion rate of a peso..That's just a few things about winter ball. I think, just maybe, the only way I will go with Adam this winter is if he goes to Puerto Rico...Heck yes! But, it hasn't really been talked about yet, but I will let you all know what the outcome is!

Here is a video of one of the Dominican games. This was when Adam was still playing for Licey (pronounced Lee-say), so this is what I had to endure.

I just can't wait to finally spend some time with friends and family, with Adam there!!!!! Yahooo!

Alright then, going to go clean our dungeon so Adam can come home and destroy it! I don't mind though, as long as he is home, I will gladly let him destroy it...then I will gladly tell him to pick his s#*t up! :)

Here is what our nights usually consist of....

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  1. wow! lots of computers! lol..
    well, about winterball im sure everything will work out the way its suppose to.
    lucky you not having playoffs AND having Adam home the first half!
    Love ya girl

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