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October 31, 2009

For Your Entertainment..

I figured I would bring back and old Halloween video that I posted last year. It's of Adam and his sister back in the day when he dressed up as Steve Urkel...

You're welcome :)

Just click on the link below and it will take you to the old post and you will see the videos. Make sure you turn up your volume!!

October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Believe it or not..this year Adam and I are not dressing up for Halloween ::gasp::

In the past few years, we have dressed up and gone to local Halloween events..but not this year! We had two good ideas though for costumes..or, I should rephrase that...I had two really good ideas. The first idea was to be Alfalfa & Darla from The Little Rascals, because honestly..I can't think of anything more entertaining then dressing Adam up like this...

Aahahahahahah YES...that is the funniest & greatest thing ev-er.

Our second idea was to dress up as Jon & Kate Plus 8. They actually sell a Kate Gosselin wig and it would be easy to dress Adam up as Jon...but then I realized that was actually a really popular costume this year, so we didn't go with that.

I'm not sure what our plans are going to be..maybe just hang out at the house!

I will update later on in the week!! In the mean time..enjoy these pictures from the years past..I must say..a few of these are not my proudest moments..but they're memories..and they're here to stay! Haha!

This picture was taken in 2005 when I went to UA..we (Kristen, Stephanie, and I) had a Halloween party at our house and there were sooooo many people there..It was so much fun! That's Kristen in the Bat Girl costume and our other room mate, Stephanie, is the bee!

This is Adam and I in 2006! Please, excuse my lazy eye..it was not supposed to be apart of the costume. Adam is supposed to be a "ghetto Tony Stewart" and I was a race car girl..or whatever you call it...you can't even see my costume here but it was checkered or something.

And this, my friends, is Bobby Sue and Earl. This is us in 2008 and it was a last minute costume. We had JUST gotten back from the Dominican and we threw together our redneck costumes. I was a pregnant redneck woman who Adam Earl beat all the time..don't worry, the cigarette is fake!

"Our first family photo"..I was pregnant with little "Buck" in this picture..aahahaha

October 25, 2009

it was all fun & games...until the SheiKra.

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, people of all ages...oh. my. gosh.

Last night a group of us went to Busch Gardens in Tampa. Right now they have the Howl-O-Scream thing going on and they have the park set up with 7 haunted houses, and they open up the roller coasters. Sounds fun, right? It was..except for the SheiKra.

I came close to dying. Yes...I almost went home to sweetbabyJesus last night. Would you like to know how??

People, people, PEOPLE. You don't even know what I went through during the SkeiKra. Back in the day, I was a roller coaster junkie. Couldn't get enough of them. Now that I am older though, I no longer find them amusing. The SheiKra though, it was Hell on earth. Let me set the scene for you.

There we all were (Me, Adam, Chris, Stephanie, and Karl) , walking in as soon as the park opened for the night. We all tried to buy the VIP passes but they were sold out. No big deal, the lines weren't that long. Somehow or another we start out on the SheiKra. But before walking up to the line, everyone assures me that this roller coaster isn't that bad. I will survive. No big deal. We make it to the front of the line where everyone also thinks it would be brilliant to get in the very..front..row. My stomach is in knots and at any given point I am about to hurl. But I suck it up because..I'm awesome like that. We sit down, buckle in, and I threaten Adam and Steph's lives that if for some reason my seat buckle thingy-ma-jig comes undone they better hold on to me. So, we're golden at this point. Annnnnd we're off.

I don't know if you can tell or not from the video, but on the way up, the only thing I can see is the sky. I'm freaking out already. We get to the top and I swear we are so high up I can see Alabama..I'm not lying. It was high. Then all of a sudden the tracks stop, and it is a completely straight down fall. so, they sloooowlly bring us to the edge of the drop off...and they hold us there, just dangling towards the ground. Now, I know some of you are thinking that sounds fun and adventurous, but when you don't fill up the entire harness thing and your back no longer touches the back of the seat, it's not fun. I'm not kidding when I say I thought my life was over at this point.

Then all of a sudden we are going 5000 mph, up another huge hill, then straight back down, spinning around loops, going upside down. Then finally..it was over. Holy friggin' cow. I SURVIVED.

So, you know, the ride is over and we pull back up to where they will un-buckle us and let us out. All the while, everyone is talking about how fun it was, and blah blah blah.

Me..I was in tears. Uncontrollable tears. It was pitiful. I've never been so scared in my entire life! I made it very clear that I would never ever ride the SkeiKra ever again. Seriously..it took me a long time after that to recover.

Fun was had by all...except me.

October 22, 2009

Annnd I'm Back.

Whew. If you're wondering if I forgot about you, well, I did. There have only been a few times in the past few days where I thought to myself "Hmm I should probably write a post tonight..."

Sorry dudes!!!

I am back in Florida, though! My Mom and I drove down last Friday. The drive wasn't bad at all, other than the fact that we stopped literally almost every hour to pee. We got to the house, dropped off some of my stuff, went to dinner, then headed to the hotel. We found a nice hotel just a few miles from our house, so my Mom and I just relaxed in the big ol' King size bed and took advantage of the 5,000 movie channels on the tube. It was fun! On Saturday me, Adam, and my Mom went over to Adam's parents house where (mostly) everyone met for the first time! Adam's Dad, Uncle, & sister were in Gainesville at the football game. So it was just his Mom and his Aunt! Everything went smoothly. I don't think they thought my Mom was too redneck. HA. Just kidding. We went out to dinner at Outback where I ate a ridiculous amount of food, but what's new?

On Sunday we went to Cracker Barrel where my Mom got to meet Adams dad! Now all that's left is for my Dad, and the rest of the fam to meet all of his! My Mom flew out of Tampa that afternoon, I was one sad little pup! But, Adam and I are driving (or maybe flying) to Bama for the LSU game on November 7th. So it won't be too long before I get to see my Mom and Dad again!

Things have been pretty boring so far here in FL! Our days consist of waking up, working out, eating, and watching the Angels play in the playoffs! We've gone over to Adams parents house a few times for dinner so that's been really nice!

Oh snap, please let me tell you about our new favorite thing. The French Press. It has saved my life. It's a coffee maker that is perfect for us since we are always moving. Thank you sweetbabyJesus!! All you do it scoop the coffee into the bottom, pour boiling water in the pitcher thing-ma-jig, let it sit for 4 minutes, then drink! It took us a few tried to figure out the right amount of coffee to use, but we've finally figured it out. And I have fallen in love.

Also please might I ad that for the first time in my entire 23 years of life..I clipped coupons. Yes, that's right..coopins. I am now an avid coupon clipper and I swear, I don't think I've ever been so excited about grocery shopping. Allow me to explain. Ahem.

So I just slightly mentioned to Adam about clippin' coopins (coupons, however you like to say it, I just find it more fun to say coopins). Ever since I mentioned how much we could save, he jumped all over the idea of it. So there I was, scoping our Coupons.com, RedPlum.com, and SmartSource.com. I was printing coupons like it was my job. Then off we were to Publix. Oh boy, what I hadn't prepared myself for was the actual shopping for these groceries. You have to be really organized, I was flipping through coupons which eventually were scattered throughout my purse. Anywho..we get everything we needed, go to check out, I handed the cute ol' lady the coupons and she starts scanning away. I had to contain myself of the excitement though. Because, what I wanted to do was jump up and down, clap my hands like a 13 year old girl at the Backstreet Boys concert, and scream every time I glanced down at how much we Adam was saving! But..I didn't. Instead I went on and on and on to the cashier about how this was our first time clipping coupons so I didn't know if we did everything right blah blah blah. This woman must have thought I was absolutely crazy. I am. Anyways..we saved $36 though! I would say it was a success!

Ok well, I would love to keep writing, but Grey's Anatomy just came on. Priorities!!!!!!

October 15, 2009

did that really happen??

Did anyone else gasp and almost faint when Adam actually posted a blog?? No? Besides many spelling errors (bless his little heart...he can't spell if his life depended on it) and the lack of sounding absolutely miserable without me around, I was quite impressed. I think it could have used a little bit of "my life sucks without Lindsay around. I am barely surviving without her and I often find myself curled up in a corner rocking back and forth repeating her name." But lets get real here, he's doing just dandy. That's ok, I am too...ha.

Well then, now that we have that covered! I'm still in Alabama. The wedding is over with and it was gorgeous. It was a very long (and rainy) day but it was so much fun. I was completely exhausted by the time the reception was over with, I was out by 9:00. It was a very long 2 days filled with a luncheon on Friday morning, rehearsal on Friday afternoon, followed by the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Then I woke up early on Saturday and headed to the church to get ready for pictures at 10 am, the wedding at 2 pm, then the reception lasted until 7 pm! Um, can I please just share with you how much food I ate on Saturday? Please, you're going to want to hear about all of this..it was insane. First off on Saturday morning on my way to the church I stopped at Chik-fil-a and got the Chicken Mini's. Oh hi, they were amazing. Then at 11:00 we had McAllisters catered and I ate two sandwiches, chips, and a brownie. Oh, lets not forget to mention the 2 granola bars in between Chik-fil-a and McAllisters. Thanks. I called my Mom around 1:00 and asked her to bring me some McDonalds before the wedding started at 2:00. Fatty McFatterson over here scarfed down an entire meal right before walking down the aisle. It was a Catholic wedding, so it lasted a pretty long time (an hour to be exact) so by the time we were in the limo on the way to the reception I was starving! We got to the yacht club and by this time everyone was with their date or significant other...then there was me. Dateless and hungry. So naturally I headed straight for the food. I was in food Heaven, chicken tenders, fruit, potatoes...wedding cake. All of that, and me at a little lonesome table chowing down in a dress that wouldn't stretch for the life of it. Let me just let this mental picture marinate for a second.

Mmmkay. Back to the cake. 3 pieces to be exact. I didn't even allow myself to go to the grooms chocolate cake because I did enough damage with just the brides cake. The icing. Ohhh the icing..you have no idea. I think everytime someone looked at me I was eating cake.

Needless to say, I haven't ate since then. HA. Yeah right. Come on, you know me better than that.

On Sunday I was headed to see my Dad up in Huntsville for a few days. I stopped on the way though, in Birmingham, to visit the bff Kristen. We all (her boyfriend was there too!) went to lunch near her house, then I left and drove to my Dads! My Dad and I just hung out and relaxed! He had to go into work in the mornings but I just slept, did laundry, and cooked some lunch! We got my oil changed and then stopped by the mall to pick up a few things! The good news is that my Dad got the house on the Tennessee River! Cha ching! I love it and am so excited for him! I can't wait to help decorate!

I got back yesterday from Huntsville and hung out with Hunter for a little bit. We went shopping for a Halloween/Fall gift for his teacher. Shockingly, I didn't put my little paws into the candy corn bag. I don't know how that happened.

Today is my last day in T-Town! My Mom and I are getting up in the morning and making the long drive to Sarasota..wait..or is it Bradenton?!?

We decided that it would be better if my Mom went with me because it's a pretty long drive. I'd say about 11-12 hours for us. Adam says it only takes him 10 hours but I stop a lot. My Mom is going to stay through the weekend and fly out of Tampa Sunday afternoon! She is actually going to meet some of Adams family on Saturday! I know...after 4 years of dating our parents have never met! I think Adam said that his Uncle and Dad will be gone, so I think it's just going to be his Mom and Aunt. I hope they're ready! Haha just kidding. It will be fun.

I have had a great time being home, and I realllllly don't want to leave :( I keep telling Adam that I have changed my mind and that I'm not coming and he just cries laughs. It would just be perfect if he was here. I mean, really, I am gone with him in Salt Lake friggin' City for the whole baseball season, you'd think he'd do me a little favor and stay in Alabama. But nooooooo! Oh well, maybe I will be back sooner rather than later! Sorry if any of that comes of as a little witchy..but let's get real here. I'm a witch sometimes. I am excited though to be with him..and be at the beach. Ha. Ok time to go now!

Jordan and I
Lauren (good friend from high school), me, and Kayla!

October 7, 2009

Guess appearance!

Hey there...its been awhile so I thought I might make a guest appearance on the blog. Lindsay does such a great job at keeping everyone up-to-date with whats going on plus it's tough to top her creative imagination...if you know what I mean, so she's been the main contributor. But, I'm down here is Sarasota, FL and she is still in Bama, her friend Jordan is getting married on Oct. 10th. That's given me a little extra time to get down here, see the family, and settle in to my buddy's condo before she gets here. We were lucky again to find a place to stay for the offseason on such short notice.

We have an idea on how our offseason s hould go....(stressing the words idea and should); I'm starting to workout and train again in about a week, around Thanksgiving I'll try and get a winter ball job and play for a month or so (winter ball leagues are in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Porto Rico), then I'll come back to FL to train again until spring training. Lindsay will be in FL with me until I find a winter ball job then she's heading back up to Bama. She's made it pretty clear that the whole winter ball thing might not be her style, and I don't blame her cause of how much time I have to spend at the ball park.

In a few weeks I'll officially be unemployed, my 7 year contract with the Los Angeles Angels is completed. That makes me a free agent. 5 days after the world series my agent will start the free agent process by contacting teams to find out who has any interest in my services. He'll keep me informed and we'll narrow it down to eventually I sign with a new team. I have no idea what teams might be interested but over the course of 5 seasons in triple-A a lot of scouts have seen me play so there's plenty of exposure. It's usually a long process and we might not get a deal done until February but Lindsay and I are excited about experiencing something new.

So...that's the plan, we're going to take it one day at a time and not look to far ahead. It will all eventually work out for the best anyway. Oh, and don't forget ROLLTIDE...we're 5-0!


October 4, 2009

Finally Caught Up!

I am finally caught up on all of the posts! I think there are three new ones..so knock yourself out! I had to come to Barnes & Noble to write them. I know, you should feel loved, because I can no longer feel my butt. That's right, I've been sitting on the floor the whole time. You're welcome!Now get to reading!

Munchkins & Pumpkins..

Since Adam has been gone, I have been filling in at the pre school! I started working there in high school and worked there until I moved to Utah to go to massage therapy school! I didn't realize how much I missed working with little kids! In my opinion, Valley View has one of the nicest pre schools around! It's a new building, not old and musty like other church pre schools. This past baseball season in SLC I tried to find a nice pre school to work at, but none of them were as nice as VV...no thanks! Anyways. I was working in the 2 year old room and oh..my..gosh..talk about hellions! Of course, they're 2...but they sure do have an attitude! During the 5 years that I worked there, I was in the baby room (6 months-1 year) so my kids couldn't talk. HA. Let's just say, that it's much better when they can't talk, hit, and bite. Oh my sweetbabyJesus I was stressed out! With that age you have to repeat yourself so much because they don't want to mind. For instance, true story....

"Seth, please do not put your booger in Taylorkate's mouth!!!"

If I'm lyin', I'm dyin..I had to tell a kid to not put his booger in his friends mouth at story time. Sicknast!!

When it wasn't that it was...

"Brylon, what's that in your mouth? A what???? A STAPLE?????"


"Avery, can you please pick up the apple that you just threw down on the ground and throw it away? No..don't eat it...throw it away...AVERY....don't.........(too late) eat the apple."


It won't kill them will it? Well, the staple, maybe. But the booger and the dirty apple, hopefully not.

Let's just say that the next few days in the baby room were glorious. They only ate baby food, not boogers, and the only things they put in their mouth was a pacifier...Heaven.

Moving on.

On Friday I went a picked up Taelor from her pre school. We had to run a few errands and Robby had to work late, so we were scootin' around town doin' girl thangs'. Oh my gosh, she is such a little priss.

We stopped at McDonald's to get some food, where Taelor proceeded to talk to everyone that walked by. A group of boys walked by and she screamed,"Hhaaaaayyyy, boysssss!!!". When she wasn't busy trying to pick up boys she was busy shouting "Row Tide"!! (If you're no aware of it, that's was Roll Tide sounds like with a country accent). I taught her how to say "Boo Kentucky"..but it came out sounding like "Boo Kentutty"..good enough.

Today I went and bought Hunter and Taelor pumpkins to carve. The only part they got to do though was pull out the "guts". The sawing and cutting was let up to me, which is a scary thought! They had a lot of fun!

These pictures are out of order. But you'll get over it :)

Digging out the "guts"

That's pizza on her mouth..not pumpkin :)
The clothes eventually started coming off, they were used as napkins..

It's virtually impossible to get two kids to look and smile at the same time.

Puckerin' up those lips...p-r-i-s-s-y!


She was saying "My Hunna!!!"

Kentucky & finally, ALABAMA!

Once we left Michigan, we were back on the road! Thank goodness, once we left Suttons Bay our trips were only 5 or 6 hours long! It didn't take us long at all to get to Kentucky! We were going to one of my bff's (Megan) house to stay for the night. Her and her husband Josh live in Somerset, KY..very pretty! We got there around 4:30 in the afternoon, headed over to her parents house really quick to say hi to them, then we were off to dinner! We ate at a little marina thingy then went to see their houseboat, um, hi..it was so nice! We left there then headed back to their house and played some cards! They both had to work the next morning, but Adam and I slept in until about 9:30 and then headed to Alabama! Hall-a-lu-yer!

Ohhhh, it was glorious. Arriving in Alabama. I mean, at times, it felt like we would never make it!! Our first stop was in Huntsville at my Dads. We had to pick my car up, but we got to visit with him for a few minutes. We had to hurry and leave though because we wanted to make it to Hunters baseball game! We were going to see my Dad the next day, so we quickly got back on the road and drove the last 2 1/2 hours to Tuscaloosa! We went straight to Taco Casa and got some food, then went across the street to the ball park! Let me tell you, watching little league baseball is way more entertaining than professional baseball! Those kids are hilarious! Hunter is the short stop in the team, and he's one of the best batters too! He even got a home run! I think Adam had a pretty good time! I love watching all of the Dads on the field, they get so intense, it's little league for goodness sake!!! Anyways!

My Dad got to Tuscaloosa Friday afternoon, so he took us out to eat at Dreamland. It's one of Adams favorite places to eat..they have the best bbq ever!

Saturday was the day that Adam had been looking forward to the entire trip. It was GAMEDAY! We went to the game with my Dad and my brother, my Dad has season tickets, so we called dibs on the tickets a while ago! Before going to the game though, we went tailgating! Tailgating in the south is so much fun..and if it means anything to you, ESPN voted Tuscaloosa to be the best tailgating spot in the country..haha whoot whoot! It ended up raining, but only for a few minutes, so some of the time tailgating was spent smashed up under a tent with random people! I've never seen so many ponchos! Adam and I went back and forth from the Jim Myers (baseball tent) and my Dad and brothers tailgating spot. My Grandparents, Jane & Guerry, were in town for the game, but they were big ballin' and sat in the Presidents box! Lucky! Adam got to catch up with some old baseball friends, it was a lot of fun! The game was a lot of fun..Bama won, so that always makes for a good day! Ohhhh my goodness, I just have to throw this out there. Where we were sitting there was a girl that was probably my age..she kept walking by and then I noticed it. She was wearing a little Alabama bow. Like, as in, what a child wears. It really bothered me because, lets get real, did she leave the house thinking that she looked good?..that some guy might stop and say,"Hey I really like your little baby hair bow, want to go out??" I think that if you no longer have any of your baby teeth, then it's probably time that you stop wearing the bows from when you did have your baby teeth. Aaah, I feel much better now.

Sunday Adam and I met my Mom at church at Valley View! I haven't been there in a while (well, not the church service, I did work at the pre school for 5 years before moving to Utah with Adam!). My Dad was going to go, but he forgot church clothes, so when it was over Adam and I met him at Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch before he headed back to Huntsville!

I am loving being back home. And since being here, I can tell that my accent is back in action. I'm afraid that I even caught myself using the phrase," I ain't got no...." the other day. Scary, I know..I like to think that I am smarter than that..but I guess I ain't!

Adam left for Florida on Monday. Sad day. Well actually, it was kind of good because I had to work at the pre school all week! And that, my friends, is a whole post in itself.

This was last time I was home, but my Dad is in the process of hopfully buying this booty-ful house on the lake in Huntsville!! Pray that he gets it, he deserves it!

On the dock!

My Dad and Adam after lunch!

Me and my Daddy!

Adam and I, obviously.

I am ashamed to admit that I actually curled my hair on gameday.

Down pour + humidity=ponytail!

Hunter up to bat!

Doin his thang at short stop!

Sleeping Bear Dunes & Detroit

The first day that we were in Suttons Bay, MI Adam took me to Sleeping Bear Dunes! He had told me stories about back in the day when they would go, so I was purtty excited about going! We pulled up to these ginormous sand dunes, umm hello, I'm talking Sahara Desert size dunes. I eventually gathered up the energy to climb up the dunes, took a little break up top, then ran down! It was a lot of fun!

Beware: Many pictures...

The first set of dunes. Once you climb this one there are many more to go!

Being the "oh so athletic girl I am", I had to take a breather!

Us at the top!

The water is so blue!

Toasty on his way down!

Yours truly, comin' down!

THIS was the biggest drop off I have ever seen. Please notice, the sign says "450 ft drop to Lake Michigan"

This picture is a little trickster, it looks like the water isn't far away, but it actually drops off in front of me. That little arrow is pointing to a person at the bottom of the hill. You might have to click on the picture to make it bigger.

You can kind of see how steep it is here! I didn't have the guts to go down. Well, I should rephrase that, I didn't want to climb back UP!

Random picture, but it was so pretty!

I don't think I posted this picture last time, but this is us kayaking..obviously.

Our next destination was Detroit! I have never been there, so my only thought was to the movie 8 Mile with Eminem in it. Ha, I mean, I'm sure they get that all the time, but it was really nice there! We stayed with his Aunt Phyllis, Uncle Bob, and cousin Taylor! During our whole trip in Michigan, I've really enjoyed getting to know everyone in Adams family, he doesn't get to see everyone that often. Most of his family only knows me through this blog, so when dinner time came, and I devoured two plates of pasta and bread, they must have thought that Adam was dating the biggest fatty around! Then around 11:00 pm I thought...

"They're really about to think I'm a fatty......"

Yep, that's right. I polished off the rest of dinner. At 11:00 at night. I think I might be part man. Really, I've got to stop eating more than Adam.

I digress.

After I stuffed my face for the third time in a 3 hour time frame, we played some cards, then went to bed! We had to get up early the next morning and head to Kentucky!!