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October 15, 2009

did that really happen??

Did anyone else gasp and almost faint when Adam actually posted a blog?? No? Besides many spelling errors (bless his little heart...he can't spell if his life depended on it) and the lack of sounding absolutely miserable without me around, I was quite impressed. I think it could have used a little bit of "my life sucks without Lindsay around. I am barely surviving without her and I often find myself curled up in a corner rocking back and forth repeating her name." But lets get real here, he's doing just dandy. That's ok, I am too...ha.

Well then, now that we have that covered! I'm still in Alabama. The wedding is over with and it was gorgeous. It was a very long (and rainy) day but it was so much fun. I was completely exhausted by the time the reception was over with, I was out by 9:00. It was a very long 2 days filled with a luncheon on Friday morning, rehearsal on Friday afternoon, followed by the rehearsal dinner Friday night. Then I woke up early on Saturday and headed to the church to get ready for pictures at 10 am, the wedding at 2 pm, then the reception lasted until 7 pm! Um, can I please just share with you how much food I ate on Saturday? Please, you're going to want to hear about all of this..it was insane. First off on Saturday morning on my way to the church I stopped at Chik-fil-a and got the Chicken Mini's. Oh hi, they were amazing. Then at 11:00 we had McAllisters catered and I ate two sandwiches, chips, and a brownie. Oh, lets not forget to mention the 2 granola bars in between Chik-fil-a and McAllisters. Thanks. I called my Mom around 1:00 and asked her to bring me some McDonalds before the wedding started at 2:00. Fatty McFatterson over here scarfed down an entire meal right before walking down the aisle. It was a Catholic wedding, so it lasted a pretty long time (an hour to be exact) so by the time we were in the limo on the way to the reception I was starving! We got to the yacht club and by this time everyone was with their date or significant other...then there was me. Dateless and hungry. So naturally I headed straight for the food. I was in food Heaven, chicken tenders, fruit, potatoes...wedding cake. All of that, and me at a little lonesome table chowing down in a dress that wouldn't stretch for the life of it. Let me just let this mental picture marinate for a second.

Mmmkay. Back to the cake. 3 pieces to be exact. I didn't even allow myself to go to the grooms chocolate cake because I did enough damage with just the brides cake. The icing. Ohhh the icing..you have no idea. I think everytime someone looked at me I was eating cake.

Needless to say, I haven't ate since then. HA. Yeah right. Come on, you know me better than that.

On Sunday I was headed to see my Dad up in Huntsville for a few days. I stopped on the way though, in Birmingham, to visit the bff Kristen. We all (her boyfriend was there too!) went to lunch near her house, then I left and drove to my Dads! My Dad and I just hung out and relaxed! He had to go into work in the mornings but I just slept, did laundry, and cooked some lunch! We got my oil changed and then stopped by the mall to pick up a few things! The good news is that my Dad got the house on the Tennessee River! Cha ching! I love it and am so excited for him! I can't wait to help decorate!

I got back yesterday from Huntsville and hung out with Hunter for a little bit. We went shopping for a Halloween/Fall gift for his teacher. Shockingly, I didn't put my little paws into the candy corn bag. I don't know how that happened.

Today is my last day in T-Town! My Mom and I are getting up in the morning and making the long drive to Sarasota..wait..or is it Bradenton?!?

We decided that it would be better if my Mom went with me because it's a pretty long drive. I'd say about 11-12 hours for us. Adam says it only takes him 10 hours but I stop a lot. My Mom is going to stay through the weekend and fly out of Tampa Sunday afternoon! She is actually going to meet some of Adams family on Saturday! I know...after 4 years of dating our parents have never met! I think Adam said that his Uncle and Dad will be gone, so I think it's just going to be his Mom and Aunt. I hope they're ready! Haha just kidding. It will be fun.

I have had a great time being home, and I realllllly don't want to leave :( I keep telling Adam that I have changed my mind and that I'm not coming and he just cries laughs. It would just be perfect if he was here. I mean, really, I am gone with him in Salt Lake friggin' City for the whole baseball season, you'd think he'd do me a little favor and stay in Alabama. But nooooooo! Oh well, maybe I will be back sooner rather than later! Sorry if any of that comes of as a little witchy..but let's get real here. I'm a witch sometimes. I am excited though to be with him..and be at the beach. Ha. Ok time to go now!

Jordan and I
Lauren (good friend from high school), me, and Kayla!


  1. preeeetty! sounds like you had fun! :)

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  2. I love your new pic and I miss you so much! I am back to blogging! Let's see how long it lasts. ;)

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