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October 4, 2009

Munchkins & Pumpkins..

Since Adam has been gone, I have been filling in at the pre school! I started working there in high school and worked there until I moved to Utah to go to massage therapy school! I didn't realize how much I missed working with little kids! In my opinion, Valley View has one of the nicest pre schools around! It's a new building, not old and musty like other church pre schools. This past baseball season in SLC I tried to find a nice pre school to work at, but none of them were as nice as VV...no thanks! Anyways. I was working in the 2 year old room and oh..my..gosh..talk about hellions! Of course, they're 2...but they sure do have an attitude! During the 5 years that I worked there, I was in the baby room (6 months-1 year) so my kids couldn't talk. HA. Let's just say, that it's much better when they can't talk, hit, and bite. Oh my sweetbabyJesus I was stressed out! With that age you have to repeat yourself so much because they don't want to mind. For instance, true story....

"Seth, please do not put your booger in Taylorkate's mouth!!!"

If I'm lyin', I'm dyin..I had to tell a kid to not put his booger in his friends mouth at story time. Sicknast!!

When it wasn't that it was...

"Brylon, what's that in your mouth? A what???? A STAPLE?????"


"Avery, can you please pick up the apple that you just threw down on the ground and throw it away? No..don't eat it...throw it away...AVERY....don't.........(too late) eat the apple."


It won't kill them will it? Well, the staple, maybe. But the booger and the dirty apple, hopefully not.

Let's just say that the next few days in the baby room were glorious. They only ate baby food, not boogers, and the only things they put in their mouth was a pacifier...Heaven.

Moving on.

On Friday I went a picked up Taelor from her pre school. We had to run a few errands and Robby had to work late, so we were scootin' around town doin' girl thangs'. Oh my gosh, she is such a little priss.

We stopped at McDonald's to get some food, where Taelor proceeded to talk to everyone that walked by. A group of boys walked by and she screamed,"Hhaaaaayyyy, boysssss!!!". When she wasn't busy trying to pick up boys she was busy shouting "Row Tide"!! (If you're no aware of it, that's was Roll Tide sounds like with a country accent). I taught her how to say "Boo Kentucky"..but it came out sounding like "Boo Kentutty"..good enough.

Today I went and bought Hunter and Taelor pumpkins to carve. The only part they got to do though was pull out the "guts". The sawing and cutting was let up to me, which is a scary thought! They had a lot of fun!

These pictures are out of order. But you'll get over it :)

Digging out the "guts"

That's pizza on her mouth..not pumpkin :)
The clothes eventually started coming off, they were used as napkins..

It's virtually impossible to get two kids to look and smile at the same time.

Puckerin' up those lips...p-r-i-s-s-y!


She was saying "My Hunna!!!"

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