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October 7, 2009

Guess appearance!

Hey there...its been awhile so I thought I might make a guest appearance on the blog. Lindsay does such a great job at keeping everyone up-to-date with whats going on plus it's tough to top her creative imagination...if you know what I mean, so she's been the main contributor. But, I'm down here is Sarasota, FL and she is still in Bama, her friend Jordan is getting married on Oct. 10th. That's given me a little extra time to get down here, see the family, and settle in to my buddy's condo before she gets here. We were lucky again to find a place to stay for the offseason on such short notice.

We have an idea on how our offseason s hould go....(stressing the words idea and should); I'm starting to workout and train again in about a week, around Thanksgiving I'll try and get a winter ball job and play for a month or so (winter ball leagues are in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Porto Rico), then I'll come back to FL to train again until spring training. Lindsay will be in FL with me until I find a winter ball job then she's heading back up to Bama. She's made it pretty clear that the whole winter ball thing might not be her style, and I don't blame her cause of how much time I have to spend at the ball park.

In a few weeks I'll officially be unemployed, my 7 year contract with the Los Angeles Angels is completed. That makes me a free agent. 5 days after the world series my agent will start the free agent process by contacting teams to find out who has any interest in my services. He'll keep me informed and we'll narrow it down to eventually I sign with a new team. I have no idea what teams might be interested but over the course of 5 seasons in triple-A a lot of scouts have seen me play so there's plenty of exposure. It's usually a long process and we might not get a deal done until February but Lindsay and I are excited about experiencing something new.

So...that's the plan, we're going to take it one day at a time and not look to far ahead. It will all eventually work out for the best anyway. Oh, and don't forget ROLLTIDE...we're 5-0!



  1. best of luck to you both.
    i know some team will pick you up
    have a great offseason!!!

    like saban but not bama
    (tiger bait)

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  2. Have a good offseason. Maybe we can see you at the FB National Championship game! Iowa Hawks 6-0!

    I was at the Metrodome on the last weekend of the season and saw Alberto Callaspo playing for the Royals. Marcy ran the Twin Cities Marathon that weekend. Yea Marcy! Keep the faith - we'll be waiting to see where you land.

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  3. Adam, I know you will get picked up! I really really hope it is with a team that Henry gets picked up with too! We can have a reunion! Daylen misses you two! and of course we miss you guys too! I know Lindsay will call me right away! (she better) take care and stay healthy until then!
    Miss ya, L.Bo

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