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October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Believe it or not..this year Adam and I are not dressing up for Halloween ::gasp::

In the past few years, we have dressed up and gone to local Halloween events..but not this year! We had two good ideas though for costumes..or, I should rephrase that...I had two really good ideas. The first idea was to be Alfalfa & Darla from The Little Rascals, because honestly..I can't think of anything more entertaining then dressing Adam up like this...

Aahahahahahah YES...that is the funniest & greatest thing ev-er.

Our second idea was to dress up as Jon & Kate Plus 8. They actually sell a Kate Gosselin wig and it would be easy to dress Adam up as Jon...but then I realized that was actually a really popular costume this year, so we didn't go with that.

I'm not sure what our plans are going to be..maybe just hang out at the house!

I will update later on in the week!! In the mean time..enjoy these pictures from the years past..I must say..a few of these are not my proudest moments..but they're memories..and they're here to stay! Haha!

This picture was taken in 2005 when I went to UA..we (Kristen, Stephanie, and I) had a Halloween party at our house and there were sooooo many people there..It was so much fun! That's Kristen in the Bat Girl costume and our other room mate, Stephanie, is the bee!

This is Adam and I in 2006! Please, excuse my lazy eye..it was not supposed to be apart of the costume. Adam is supposed to be a "ghetto Tony Stewart" and I was a race car girl..or whatever you call it...you can't even see my costume here but it was checkered or something.

And this, my friends, is Bobby Sue and Earl. This is us in 2008 and it was a last minute costume. We had JUST gotten back from the Dominican and we threw together our redneck costumes. I was a pregnant redneck woman who Adam Earl beat all the time..don't worry, the cigarette is fake!

"Our first family photo"..I was pregnant with little "Buck" in this picture..aahahaha

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  1. Aw man, no Jon and Kate plus 8? I was looking forward to seeing those pics. So great to talk to you today. I miss you!

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