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March 20, 2010

baseball update..as of right now :)

Let me fill you in on the baseball happenins' as of right now.  On April 9th Adam and I will be headed to Long Island, NY! It's not what we necessarily want but it's what we're going to have to take right now.  It's one of the Independent League teams in the Atlantic League that he's been in talks with for a while.  He pretty much had free range of which team he wanted to play for in the league, so when we narrowed it down he chose Long Island..and their mascot, you ask? Ok, are you ready for this?! Oh, you thought the Bee's was bad...The Long Island Ducks.  I have no words.  The Ducks. 

Anywho, we are still hoping that he will get picked up by a regular team t some point, hopefully sooner rather than later.  This just isn't the year to be a free agent I guess! We are just greatful that he has this contract becauase there are still several great players that can't find a team at all.  We just had one of our friends go over to Switzerland where he will be a player and a coach..how crazy will that be!?  Another one of our good friends just went to Italy..that would be fun! We were working on going to Italy, and Adam did talk to a bunch of Managers over there, but they already had their roster set, so maybe next off season we will start earlier on that. Um, hellur, living in Italy for 6 months?! Then my hopes and dreams of Brad and Angelina adopting me may finally come true... HOLLER!

We have people working on our living situation while we are there.  Considering we know nothing about New York, it's hard for us to get online and look at living arrangements.  For all we know we could find a really nice apartment but it'd be in the ghetto.  I'm no genius, but I am pretty sure New York is the most opposite as it gets from Salt Lake City UTAH!  Seriously, think about it. Mormons to Mobsters. Oh the life of a baseball player!

I know it will be a fun adventure, it's something new that neither of us has done yet, and that's exciting.  But lets get real peeps...how long do you think this Southern girl is going to be able to handle those "New Yowkahs"? Oh sweetbabyJesus, the accents. OH THE ACCENTS will kill me if the mobsters don't. OH OH OH, and what about the Mafia? Does that really exist and should I be worried about it? I know nothing about NY except that there has been something about a mafia and people are really mean there so I better not stop and ask for directions if I'm lost because I've listened to the NYPD on my police scanner and there are some crazy people in NY and I'm just a poor innocent redneck and mean mafia people might steal me and OH MY GOD I WANT TO GO BACK TO UTAH!!!!!

Please excuse me while I go give Mike Soscia a call and beg him to take Adam back.....


  1. OMG! YOU ARE FUNNY!!!!! ya I said "omg".. get over it, I'm from Utah. You are lucky to have these fun experiences together before kids come and moving here and there is no longer an option. Have fun!! I was 8 last time I went to New York and would loooooove to go again and go visit Carrie Bradshaw but then I remember she's not real.. I can't wait to read your blog straight from New York.

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  2. You are sooo funny!!! I just wanted to let you know, Derek (my hubby) played for the L.I. Ducks for about a month in 07 before he got picked up..........REALLY nice stadium, the people are really nice (and I am a southerner too..Texas gal), it is really pretty around there (for the most part). The living arrangements SUCKED...so expensive, especially since the pay is TERRIBLE but it worked for our brief stay and I had two kids in tow! So I wish ya'll so much luck and it is a great place to play in hopes of getting picked up! I hope he gets picked up quickly too!!! Good Luck!!!

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  3. I love the idea of traveling around like you do - how amazing getting to experience so many different cities. Congrats to Adam!

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