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March 6, 2010

mani/pedi FAIL

What I am about to say type is a true story that took place during my mani/pedi at a little Asian place (you know, the kind that's always located next to the grocery store that has the word "NAILS" in bright red/neon letter?!?!)...this can not be made up...

Non-English Speaking Nail Woman: (while doing my nails) "Soooo, how meeny cats??"

Me (totally confused but frownsmile and go on with it): "ohhh, well, A LOT! You see, we have some that live in the barn, then we have a crazy deaf white one, a mean fluffy orange one..so you know, they roam around everywhere near the house! We live out in the country so we can just put the stray ones barn!"

Non-English Speaking Nail Woman: "..............{crickets chirpping}....................."

At this point, I'm all "What. The. Hell, she asked about my cats, I told her about my cats."..then we share an awkward stare that lasted too long for comfort.

Non-English Speaking Nail Woman:.."Nooooo, how meeny CARATS???" and points at my ring finger.




  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

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  2. hahaha!
    is it just me or does anyone else feel like that almost an inappropriate question?

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    You always crack me up.....I know we don't know one another but you are tooooooo funny! (I left you a comment a looooong time ago about your dream...choking on a laundry detergent cap, LOL) and I still read your blog! Best of luck with baseball! i don't miss the free agent part at all, it is stressful! =) Congrats on your wedding too!

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  4. hahahahahahahhaha....wow that is hilarious!!!!!!!!!

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