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March 25, 2010

dear mother nature, please get your act together ASAP

I don't know about you, but frankly, I am tired of Mother Nature and her bi-polar nonsense as of late.  One day it's in the 50's then the next day it's in the high 70's..then a few hours later it's storming and cold.  Uhhh, helllllur, some of us have skin that needs some color on it! I'd 'preciate some consistancy in the weather, preferably consistant sun! 

Life in Alabama is hectic, yet uneventful at the same time.  It seems like I am constantly going somewhere or doing something, but then I sit down and try to blog and I can't even think of anything worthy to blog about.  The last few days have consisted of baseball, Yogurt Mountain, people watching in Barnes & Noble, and a near death experience from an airhorn. Ahem, I know you're just overcome with jealousy of my life right now.

Hunter had his first "practice game" for baseball on Tuesdee Tuesday.  Robby called and said that he would be playing first base & to start practicing! Rah Rah and I took Hunt to Academy so Rah Rah could get him some new cleats, pants, and socks.  He grows so fast that he can't wear anything from last year.  He did great at his game, got a hit every time he went up to bat!  Saturday is the big Jamboree, which means EveryoneAndTheirMother will be at the ballpark which is just dandy because there's just something about a ballpark full of "Taylorville Mothers" that make me want to pluck out my own eyeballs, roll them around in sand, then insert them back into their socket...I'm just sayin'. ANYWAYS..now that that's taken care of...

Yesterday I took Hunter for a fattening little treat.  We went to Yogurt Mountain.  It's like Heaven, but better.  They have 16 (yes, I counted) different flavors of yogurt & every topping known to man kind.  Seriously there are like, forty eleventy different toppings.  Hunt got Cake Batter yogurt with gummy bears, sprinkles, graham cracker crust, strawberries, and chocolote syrup.  FATTY McFATTERSON! We have a place like that in Salt Lake City, called Yogurt Stop, and I'm not going to lie, I like Yogurt Stop way better.  Probably because I feel like Yogurt Mountain is a big ol' copy cat wannabe which wouldn't even be possible because SLC and TTown are nowhere near each other and I am pretty sure they weren't copy catting at all but I am just biased because Yougurt Stop is way cooler since the have the Mini Nilla Wafers and Yogurt Mountain only has the huge fat ones which means I spend all of my time crushing Nilla Wafers.  

But my opinion doesn't matter does it? 

Didn't think so.

I have been at Barnes & Noble a lot, mainly because I love to people watch.  B&N is my 2nd favorite place to do that at.  My #1 fave place is the airport (except for the airport in Nashville..BORING!).  OH OH OH OH but what's even better is watching other people that are people watching.  Try it, you'll love me for letting you in on that little tidbit.  Earlier there was a guy with 47 chins sitting next to me, and he fell asleep which is cool, but then he started snoring really loud which then turned all of the attention to him, which made it awkward because I felt like everyone was staring at me, which is also cool because I'm fun to stare at. ::cheeeeeeeese::

Oh, and the near death experience from an airhorn..yeah...let me just tell ya a little somethin' somethin'.  There should be a law against giving a 14 year old boy an airhorn.  That's all.

Well, that's all I have for you today folks.  WHOA WHOA WHOA, no it's not.  News Flash, Adam is coming on Monday! Whoooo de whooo!..ok, toodles!

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