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March 2, 2010

i'm alive! i'm alive!

I know some of you probably thought I fell off the face of the earth...well, I don't mean to burst your bubble, but I am still here! We've been pretty busy 'round here lately.  So busy, in fact, that I haven't even had time to shower sit down to put all of my thoughts together to blog! Phew! Seriously though, between my birthday celebration and the season finale of The Bachelor getting ready to go home, life has been cray-zay!  Lets recap, shall we?!

Last Friday night Adam and I went down to Port Charlotte to have dinner with our T-Town friends, Lance, Jamie, and LJ Cormier.  Lance pitches for the Tampa Bay Rays and their spring training is near by so we planned a little get together so we could visitate. We ate pizza while we all chatted, then we had some lovely entertainment from LJ. He showed us his baseball skills and I must say, we were impressed!

Saturday was...dun dundundunnnnn....my birthday! I got lots of phone calls & text messages from people wishing me a Happy Birthday :)  Adams gift to me was a day of getting pampered...I don't know who was happier, me or him.  I bet he was glad my birthday finally rolled around so I would finally shut up about how bad I wanted to get my hair and toes done!  For about the past year, I've been doing my own hair.  Nothing special about it, just going to Sally's and getting hair dye, developer, and the occasional "plum/burgundy" streaks.  It was about time I finally go to a salon and get someone else to do it for me.  Enter: Travis.  I went to a salon here that has those stupid "levels" of hair-stylist-people-thingies.  Like, you could go to a level 1 for the cheapest price, but that person just got out of school.  Level 2 is someone who has been doing hair for a few months, level 3 maybe a year or so..blah blah blah.  I wanted to best though, so I went to Travis who is the salon owner and the color specialist.  Cha ching!  Since he clearly knew what he was doing, I told him to do whatever he wanted..I'm not opposed to adding some funky colors to my hair! I wanted some caramel for sure, but if he got a wild hair he could throw in some red or purple.  And when say purple, I mean like a dark plum.  I had a bunch of crazy old people eyes look my way when explaining his freedom..I even had an older woman ask me if "I was one of those gothic people that put purple in their hair?!" Ummm, I think not, but thank you for your opinion lady-with-the-4-inch-thick-glasses-who-has-had-way-too-many-perms-in-your-lifetime-because-your-hair-looks-like-a-fried-poodle. Unfortunately, her appointment was over by the time Travis finished my hair, because what she doesn't know is that my hair looks exponentionally awesome-er than hers and her next appointment should be with Travis so she can have amazing "gothic hair" like mine! And for the record, I don't have "gothic hair" for realz, just some simple caramel highlights with a few red highlights that you can only see at the right angle...totally normal..but BOOM! In your face POODLE BRAINS!

Anywho, after my hair appointment I had every intention of going to get a mani/pedi, but I didn't have enough time.  We had plans to meet Adams Uncle Bob down in Venice, he rode down with his motorcycle group and they were eating lunch on the river for a little bit.  Uncle Bob lives on the other coast and wasn't there the other weekend when we made out trip over there!  We made it in time to hang out with him for a little bit, but then it was time to head over to Adams parents house for my birthday party :o)  There were butt loads of birthday cards & red velvet cupcakes involved..it was stupendous!  

Thanks to everyone who made my 17th 24th birthday so special!

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  1. So when do we get to see pictures of this awesome new hair?

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