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May 11, 2010

Finally Home!

Adam finally came home Sunday night! Trust me, nobody was more excited than I was! I was supposed to work on Sunday but SURPRISE..it was too cold.  I'm not even kidding, Mother Nature is on my $#!* list right now that's for sure.  I also worked for a few hours on Monday, although nobody was golfing, I still hung around so I would at least have some hours on the clock.  Tomorrow is supposed to be raining, just my luck! I know it will warm up, I've just got to be patient. I'm okay with it right now because I want to spend as much time with Toasty as I can :)

Let me just tell you how boring it is to be home by myself for that long.  Remember how miserable I was in the Dominican Republic? Well, I don't think it's that bad..but it's borderline..socially wise.  I end up spending most of my time at Barnes & Noble because at least when I'm here, there are other people around me.  At the apartment it's just me, the tv, and the couch.  I'm not even kidding when I say I've resorted to talking to myself.  The kicker was the other night- I went to Outback to pick up my take out, then went to Blockbuster to rent "It's Complicated" (which, by the way, is hilarious.  I saw it in theaters and had to rent it again asap). Pretty much I was throwing myself a Pity Party. 

I'll give you a minute to throw me one, too.


So there I am..eating my steak...with my plastic fork and knife...and then I try to hook up the DVD player.  We have an old school tv so I'm thinking this should be easy because there's not that many holes where wires can plug into.  After about, oh, I don't know, 45 minutes of trying different ways to hook each plug and wire up into different ways, I knew it wasn't going to happen. So what did I do? Well, like every other mature 24 year old would do...I cried.  I sat in the middle of our den and cried like a toddler who just had my favorite toy taken from me at pre-school. Then then THEN, as I was walking into the bedroom to pout some more go to bed, I saw a spider that was most likely the size of a small child.  After I ended it's life I just went to bed, I had enough!

Anywho, now that he's home I'm all happy and giddy :)  He had an off day yesterday so when I was done with work we went to Outback for dinner, it was sooo good! I had planned on going to the game tonight, but like I said before, it's c-o-l-d.  But...Adam got his first home run of the season!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I was clapping my little heart out here in B&N..people probably think I'm a big weirdo-which I am, but don't tell the others.

Well, that's enough rambling for tonight. 

Love, peace, chicken grease...

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  1. Oh Lindsay--I'm sorry you were so bored and alone. Try to get Adam to give you a lesson on hooking up the damn DVD--although that's the last thing on your mind when he's home-huh? It's not until they LEAVE that you realize all the things you should have gotten him to help you with.

    I'm glad B&N is a home away from home. Hang in there!

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