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May 29, 2010

takin' care of business

That's what has been going on in our neck of the woods- except that we don't actually live in the woods.  But anywho.  I've seriously logged on to Blogger about 12 times this past week but when it came time to type I had the worlds largest brain fart and couldn't think of anything to write about.  But then I got a text message from my cousin Anna Lisa saying that pretty much her life sucked without me in it and that I need to blog so she can pick herself up off the floor and go forward with her life.  Or maybe that's not what she said.  I'm not really sure. But it was something along the lines of that.  But, if I told you that I've been spending my days lounging on the beach, and my nights eating ridiculously good food you might become particularly jealous of our current lifestyle.  And I don't blame you :)  

Adam has been going to his Dads work for the past few days to learn a little bit about how a business works.  His Dad is part owner of a lumber yard here in Venice so Adam has been visiting all of the departments that go along with all of that.  He's usually pretty tired by the end of the day...welcome to the real world Toasty!  He's learned a lot though!

We went up to Sarasota last night to meet up with some friends, then we went cosmic bowling.  Now, I'm not scared to admit that I absolutely suck at bowling.  It's unfortunate at how bad I need the bumpers just so it's not a complete waste of money.  But but BUT add that onto the fact that I was going up against 3 very competitive guys...let's just say it made for a very ugly ending with my score.  It may or may not have been due to the fact that I have an abnormally fat thumb..but that's just a guess.

Adam and some of the guys went golfing today. It was kind of last minute so I didn't have any plans.  Funny thing though- whenever I want to go somewhere it takes Adam light years to get ready.  But, have someone call and ask if he wants to go golfing it takes him about 3 1/2 minutes. 

::shoulder shrugs::
I'm just sayin'

Tomorrow we are going to the early service at church, then to the beach with some friends.  But not before we run by Karl's (where we lived in the first part of the off season) because I am like, forty eleventy percent sure that I left one of my favorite dresses over there when I left.  Adam "swears" he looked for it but you know, coming from a man that may mean he opened up the closet door-didn't see it-then went on with his life.

I will come back from the beach tomorrow bearing photos from the beach gathering! But until then here's some pics from my phone and our smaller camera that we've taken recently.  


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  1. Finally a blogger post! I've been dying. hahaha...yes!!! Looks like y'all are having lots of fun on the Ole' Gulf Coast! I must say Linz, you look ravishing with that new tan you've aqcuired!!! Wish I could see the beach soon, womp, womp, womp...I know. This is not my pitty party. Just sayin...lol! Love you!

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