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May 3, 2010

workin' woman

Yesterday I had my first full day at work! Last weekend I was supposed to work, but it rained both days..boo! I don't have a specific time that I have to be there, but on Sundays we can't sell alcohol until 12:00.  I can go in earlier and sell everything else, but the other workers said that a lot of the time I will get a lot of flack from the golfers about not selling them any beer.  I ended up going out around 11:30 and had a few people try to talk me into selling them beer early, and I finally caved in at 11:50 :) The day went by really fast, and I had a lot of fun! Turns out, people in New York reallllllllly love beer & golf. More specifically, Coors Light & golf.  Just thought I'd let you in on that little tid bit, I'm sure you were all dying  to know.  Probably not though.  I got a few comments on my driving skills.  Apparently I look like a kangaroo on wheels out on the course.  What can I say, I go really fast and there's hidden bumps in the grass! I like to make an entrance.  

It definitely gets more interesting as the day goes on.  The more beer you sell, the crazier the people get.  Now, I did sell a lot of other things besides beer, but that's no fun to talk about.  You'd be surprised at how many golfers wanted to buy me a drink whenever they bought one.  I'm all,"Uhhhh hello, (a) you saw my driving skillz didn't you?  (b) it can only get worse with alcohol, and (c) I'm most likely not allowed to drink on the job.  Just guessing on that last one. DUH." Seriously though, people are crazy.  

I did have a few encounters with some really rude people but I just learned to drive right past them and pretend I never saw them.  Maybe they got the hint.  I'm mainly talking to the guy who insisted I drive all the way to the bar to get him a hot dog (which I didn't have to do, by the way) and then when I finally found him to give it to him, he snatched the hot dog and told me to "get the hell out of there"..Uhhhh, hellur? I know he wasn't talkin' to me. Se-cur-ity! Sah-curity! (Bon Qui Qui anyone? No..Google it. You will die.)

Then there's the really nice crazy guys.  Specifically the guy with the crazy hair in the Hawaiian themed shirt.  Y'all, seriously, I would see this dude flagging me down from miles away. Loved that guy.  Well, not really him, but mainly his tipping skillz.  

Look out Toasty, Mama's bringin' home the $$dough$$ !!!!!!

I was supposed to work today, but Mother Nature said "no ma'am" and I said "thank you".  Why? Because I picked Adam up at the field at midnight last night! Oh snap! They played a few games in Maryland, came home last night, had today off, and and AND have tomorrow off! We literally lounged around all day today, then went to Chipotle & now we are at Barnes & Noble!  We were planning on going into NYC tomorrow but it's supposed to rain some more. We have a lot of errands to run, too, so we will probably just do that! Adam said something about taking me to the spa.  Actually he didn't. I made that up but I am most definitely going to suggest it. Beg. Plead. Whatever it takes. 

A baseball update it going to be coming soon. I know I've been lame and haven't taken any pictures, but I am always scared to take our camera out because I don't want someone to steal Big Bertha (that's our cameras name). Speaking of naming our camera, did you know that a few years ago Adam and I got a new iPod and named it Black Bastard? True story, and it's stuck ever since then. Sure we get a few weird looks when Adam says,"Did you bring Black Bastard?" and I'm all,"yeah he's in my purse."  We don't ever call it "the iPod" or anything. I digress.

Well, B&N is closing, so we need 'ta go, need 'ta go..sorry, more Bon Qui Qui.


  1. OMGl... I loved being a cart girl, BIG MONEY and uncle Sam don't get any!!! LOL! Turn on that southern sound ... they love it to hear it!!

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  2. I'm with Jina..they LOVE Southern Accents! Trust ME!!!! I have one! haha. Anywho, love the Bon Qui Qui reference. She's the best. Next time just say, "This dude needs to go, needs ta go"!!!!! Love you!

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  3. Bon Qui Qui is AWESOME! I find myself pulling her out at work sometimes....my fave is Uh...RUE!

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