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November 16, 2012

preschool pickin'

We Pav's tend to have a reputation of moving a lot.

If I listed all of the moves Adam and I have made during our almost 7 year relationship you'd be here all day.

Before we had PDiddy, moving was not big thang. We really just never unpacked our suitcases and we didn't have much besides clothes. Basically, everything we owned fit in our Yukon.

But now that he's no longer playing baseball and we have a child, moving is much more of a "to do." We now have to get a U-Haul every time and the amount of baby stuff we have is embarrassing.

I have learned a lot, though, by moving so much.  

I've learned that we have tons of unnecessary household items.  Every time we move I get rid of tons and tons of junk.  If I haven't used it in a while then it gets thrown away.  Why haul it around in the box if that's exactly where it's going to stay?

I have also learned that moving can cause you and your spouse to want to poke each others eyeballs out.  But that's neither here nor there.

Another thing I have learned is how to pick out a decent preschool.  That's usually one of the first things I do when we move.  This last move to Huntsville has been the hardest so far.

When we lived in Tuscaloosa it was easy, Presley was going to the school where I worked for years and where my Mom still worked.  My Mom was Presley's teacher, so I never even thought twice about sending her somewhere else.

Birmingham was the first time I had to send her to a place where I didn't know one single person.  But, we lived in a really nice area so I never even looked at a "semi-ghetto" school.  We found a very nice place that was almost identical to Valley View in Tuscaloosa.

I figured once we moved to Huntsville (also a very nice area) that it'd be a breeze to find a preschool for her.  When I started looking, I found tons of places and called them all.  We tend to stick with a church setting for preschool, just because they're usually cheaper while still being nice and clean.  There are several "academy" type preschools here that were on my list and we super fancy, but way out of our price range.

Some problems I always run into when looking at schools are:

-a lot of places only offer Mother's Day Out programs which is a few days a week from 9-1. We need full time care.

-several places have a waiting list

- a lot of them don't take kids until they're 18 months old. Some even only take 3, 4, and 5 year olds.

- it's too expensive (like, more than what our rent + utilities are)

-it's old, dirty, and musty

I always make an appointment to tour a preschool.  I went to several places here in Huntsville that were just okay, but I always left with a bad feeling in my gut.

We finally found a place that was in our price range and it was just "decent".  It was small, older, and not in the best area but it definitely wasn't completely horrible.  Basically, it was a last resort type of place.  

-The director and teachers were nice and clean.

-There was a chef who cooked all of the meals and snacks

-There was cameras in the room and playground

But that's it.  I really liked that there were cameras. I still left with a weird feeling in my gut that I shouldn't send her there.

After searching, calling, touring, hoping, and praying we found a very nice church that had a spot come open on the day I called.  It's a huge church, tons of nice play areas, a cafeteria with a chef who makes all of the meals.  And there are only 8 kids in her class! It's out of our price range but we are so so so thankful for my Dad and Step Mom who are helping us pay for some of it! 

It's also kind of far away but I have applied for a job at a few spas in the area, so fingers crossed that they need a massage therapist and will hire me soon!

We only plan to be in Huntsville for about 10 months, so knowing we will be moving again and having to do this all over again makes my eye twitch a little!


  1. YAY for finding a good daycare! Now you can get a little "me" time! :)

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    1. I do love my "me" time (you know, peeing with the door open and just sitting in the silence) but I find myself wanting to go pick her up as soon as I get home! I'm a sap :)

  2. I am jealous that they cook food for her!

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    1. It is seriously SO nice! I never realized how much of a pain it was to fix a lunch every night before. I literally just walk out the door and take her, don't have to worry about taking anything with us!

  3. That is so crazy how often you move, I remember back when he was playing how you bounced around all the time. Tyler would hang himself, ha. And we have soooo much junk. Where do you think you'll go after here?? Come to DC!! Haha.

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    1. It IS crazy how much we move, but that's how it's been for the last 7 years so we don't really know anything different :) And I moved a TON (about ever 3 years) when I was growing up due to my Dads job. We actually lived near DC for a few years (Herndon, VA). Adam did apply to a few colleges near DC but never heard anything back, but cross your fingers and maybe we can work our way up there this year!

      Also, when you move a lot- you tend to not own a ton of junk. You also learn to not get attached to things you do own because if at any point you get tired of moving it, it gets sold. HA! Just the bare necessities!