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November 6, 2012

settling in

We are finally settled into our new apartment!  Moving out of our apartment in Birmingham was a breeze because we were on the bottom floor and just had to carry the boxes and furniture out the door into the U-Haul.

But, this time I requested a top floor unit because I was tired of people stomping above us! 

Bad move on my part because the place we moved into has 3 levels.

So we are on the 3rd floor.  That means we had to carry everything we own up two flights of stairs.


It sucked major donkey butt.  Thankfully Adam and my Dad did the majority of the moving :)

Sometimes I am really weird and I get nervous when I think about one day having a house and never moving again.  It gives me a little bit of anxiety because I love moving! I don't mind living in an apartment and I think I would feel so incredibly trapped if we bought a house any time soon.  Thankfully, I think we have a few more years before anything like that happens. We get the moving itch way too much to do something like that! 

We are still searching for a preschool.  It's really expensive here!  I mean, unless we want to send her to some place in the hood, which I have no intentions of doing.  Until then Presley and I are just hanging around the house trying not to kill each other.  Staying at home is hard, ya'll! Presley does so much better when she is in school playing with other children her age, so hopefully we find something soon!

I feel like she has grown so much in the last few weeks.  She's expresses herself more, shows her personality, and is becoming a little person.


Here are some fun little updates on PDizzle:

~She's left handed!
We noticed this early on but figured she would eventually be a righty (Adam and I both are).  But now, if I hand her a spoon or fork to her right hand she switches it to her left. 

~Spankings don't really phase her.
ZOMG! GASP! I spank my child!
Not all the time, and not for just any reason. Obviously.
Only when I warn her, then she still does whatever she knows she is not supposed to be doing.
Then we will pop her hand or leg with the Spanking Spoon, she will give us a little fake cry, then move on to her next disastrous mission.

~She is really bad about ignoring Adam or I when she know she is getting into something she isn't supposed to be into.  Which usually leads to the spanking.

~She's become a picky eater.  
I refuse to be a Mom who cooks two separate dinners. If Presley doesn't eat what I've cooked (after being offered several different times) then she goes to bed anyways.  The only time I give her something different to eat is when I cook something spicy.  

~We are trying to break her of throwing her food on the ground and hitting the spoon/fork when we feed her.
Presley is very bad about chucking things on the ground when she's finished.  Or, if it's something we are feeding her she will hit the spoon causing food to go everywhere.
It's super frustrating and I don't really know how to stop it!

~She has become more snugly! YAY!
She loves to sit in our laps and will give more hugs and kisses. She still doesn't want to lay down with us if we try to nap together.  Home girl loves her bed and will only go to sleep in her crib.

~Loves shoes.
Lord help us!
She is constantly going into our closet and walking out with Adam's shoes on. 

~Walking is a thing of the past.
Only running for her! I'm sure the people below us love that!

That's just a few little tidbits on our girl! She's growing so fast.  This stage is definitely fun, but hard.  Going out to eat is more work than it is fun, we still get paged every Sunday to come get her from the church nursery, and the temper tantrums aren't my favorite. But, I know it will all pass soon and she will be a bratty little 5 year old not wanting anything to do with her Mom and Dad! 

Toodles for now!

Happy voting day! I'm not big on talking politics but, go Mittens!

hugs for Dad!

my pretties :)
guilty of climbing into her crib at night to snuggle! I'll do it until I can no longer fit :)


  1. Gabe seems to be a lefty too!

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    1. Is anyone in your family a lefty? None of us are lefties, except Adam does eat left handed but that's it!

    2. Tony's brother is, and tony says he would have been but was forced to use his right hand.

  2. Mitt is the shit! :) I have both fireworks and a bottle of tequila - the results determine which I use tomorrow.

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    1. So how hungover are you? LOL! Oh well, at least we know there's only 4 more years of Obama then it's BUH BYE!

  3. Rilynn does the same thing with spankings. She thinks its funny its so annoying!! Basically everything you said that pertains to P is happening in our house even the lefty thing! crazy kids! She is precious!

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  4. Ha! Doesn't it make you so mad that spankings don't help? I feel like I'm borderline abusive sometimes but DANG IT MAN!

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  5. Love that last picture of you two...so sweet.

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    1. Sorry, I'm a bad replier :) But, thanks! It's a very rare moment that we snuggle so obviously I had to document it!

  6. YOUR BLOG JUST ATE MY COMMENT. Mother effer. Summary - Guinevere is a lefty. Also, I agree with you on picky eaters, spanking, etc etc but Tyler disagrees with all those things, so since we're trying to be that "unified parent" role bs blah blah, I'm waiting til he sees that MY PARENTS did those things and I AM AWESOME.

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    1. Oh snap! I'm sorry my blog ate your comment. But, like it's author, it must always be hungry :)

      Adam doesn't like to spank P, but he is pro-spanking. He just wants me to do it so she can go running off to him for snuggles afterwards. I ALWAYS tell him,"Fine, I'm going to stop spanking her and you can just deal with her 'tude later on in life!" Ha! Although, I did catch him pop her hand the other day and it was like the sissy-est pop I've ever seen. P didn't even bat an eye.

      While we are in Dallas our husbands are going to be letting our children get away with murder!