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November 26, 2012

sick little turkey!

Yesterday Presley and I got back to Huntsville after spending 4 days in Tuscaloosa for the holiday.  Adam had to stay here since he wasn't off work on Friday, and I must say, I missed him terribly!

Mainly because Presley was a freak of nature everywhere we went; crying, not eating, not sleeping, more crying, very clingy, and then topped with more crying.

At Thanksgiving dinner she literally cried the entire time. Granted, it was getting close to bedtime and she doesn't do well when she's in a crowd of loud people.  I don't know why, but whenever we get around a bunch of people or strangers she just flips a switch and acts like a complete psycho! I guess I just find it weird because I can get in the checkout line at Publix and by the time I'm done paying I', BFF with the person behind me.  I can make friends with a wall, I tell ya. 

Once we got in the car to head back to my Moms after dinner Presley was back to her old self.  Laughing, clapping, talking, and being plain ol' crazy! Yeesh.

I've also decided that it'd be a smart idea to just get a babysitter during Christmas dinner :)

Our trip back to Tuscaloosa was a lot of fun, when Presley wasn't being a whiney pants.  I ate lots of Taco Casa & Waltons.  I spent the day with my niece, Taelor, while Bama beat the panties of Auburn! We got to visit with a lot of family.  

And then Presley got sick.

Like, ear draining some funk that I should send to Bill Nye the Science Guy and a croupy-sounding cough.

Once she started pulling at her right ear I knew it was an ear infection.  Even though she had tubes put in about 7 months ago babes can still get an infection every once in a while.  This is the first time she's shown any kind of ear pain since the tubes so I'd say they still do the job!  She also had croup a while back, so I also know the sound of that cough enough to go ahead and just diagnose her myself :)

We are on day 3 of it all and she seems to be feeling a little better.  I kept her home from preschool today (and missed a dentist appointment) and have been giving her a few natural things to help.  Most doctors would just prescribe an antibiotic for the ear infection, and a steroid for the horrible cough.  The thing about antibiotics is that while it does get rid of the infection that sucks major donkey butt, it also wipes out the good bacteria.  Their immune system will be all jacked up when given antibiotics, which I had no clue about when she was younger.  

I try my best to not giver her medicine that's not all natural, but used to give her Tylenol or Motrin for just about anything.

We are slowly trashing all over the counter meds and have been hitting up the natural remedies.  

For the ear infection we've been using Gaia Kids ear drops

They work great..smells like Olive Garden. So, ya know, whatever it takes!

For the cough I have been giving her 3 tablets of Hepar Sulphuris (for a hoarse dry cough). They are as small as a teething tablet and dissolve quickly. Another homeopathic medicine she's taking is Spongia Tosta

This is much easier to give to Presley than OTC meds. I just pop 3 pellets of each every 3 hours and she chews them right up!

I hope she will be on the mend soon.  I am planning on sending her to school tomorrow since she has been fine all afternoon!

I also have a job interview at a very nice spa tomorrow! Cross your fingers and say your prayers that they're hiring for a massage therapist!

Love, Peace, Chicken Grease...

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  1. I completely agree with you on antibiotics! We are on number 2 in 2 months. I found some chewable probiotics that have twice as much as culturelle to give him, so hopefully that will help some. I am glad the tubes are doing their job and letting it out! If Gabe had tubes I would definitely try those ear drops.

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