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December 19, 2012

in da kitchen with L*Dizzle

If you know me at all, you know that I can't boil water without screwing it up.  Much less cook an entire meal.  It doesn't matter if it has directions to every step...

I'mma mess that mug up so much that even a rat behind the dumpster wouldn't eat it.

Well ladies and gentlemen (<-- I wonder who came up with the term 'gentlemen'? Am I the only one married to a loud, clumsy, heavy footed man? Nothing "gentle" about Toasty)


as I was saying...

I have come across a few recipes that  my husband doesn't spit out into a napkin when I'm not looking.

Or maybe he does.


Because I have the soul of a fluffy little kitten...I am going to share these with you!

Except you've probably already pinned them on Pinterest :)

Now, I have two rules regarding recipes from Pinterest:

1) Can't have too many ingredients that I have to buy specifically for the recipe
*If I already have them, then be my guest, please, call for every spice in my cabinet. But, I'm not going to go spend 5 bones on some little flaky substance that I won't ever use again.

2) It can't have too many steps when preparing/cooking.  
*I love the crock pot recipes, but I can occasionally hit the jackpot without the crock pot.

I must preface this by saying I have a pretty picky HusbandMan when it comes to cooking.  He will eat whatever I make, but he will always...ALWAYS...offer some "advice" about what he would do if he cooked it.

Here are a few recipes that I have mastered, so far!


The first time I made this Adam deemed it,"Phenomenal!" He also said it was the best chicken he has ever had, even from a restaurant.  I loved it, but I didn't have paprika.  I used Crushed Cayenne Pepper and it was almost too spicy.  But still, it was yummy! I served it with salad,  pasta, & green beans.

We are going through a vegetable phase.  I usually put the veggies on the stove for about 1.5 hours with tons of butter.  It's home country cookin'!


Now, this is my kind of recipe.  Not too many ingredients, and only a few steps.  The only thing I added was sour cream once I poured the soup in a bowl.  If I get a wild hair next time I make this I may add in some beans.  But this was also really good! 


Best. Thing. Ever.

I'm serious.  This is better than any S&S chicken we've ordered from a restaurant.  It does have a good amount of ingredients, but it's ingredients that you use more than once.  And we have had this a couple of times and I haven't had to buy anything but the chicken.

Honestly, one of the best things I've ever made.  Serve it up with some fried or steamed rice, and some broccoli.


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  1. I am the worst when it comes to cooking, I'm trying but damn am I tempted to order out half the time.

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