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January 1, 2013

the mayans got me!

I know.

I can totally explain.

See, what had happened wuz' those cray cray Mayans got me! They abducted me and told me the world was ending and that all of my friendz would be joining me soon.

But they lied.

And the world didn't end.

And then my excuse for the blogging vacation went right out the window.

I mean I basically just suck at life considering I just paroozed right through Christmas without posting anything.  Not one cotton pickin' thing was documented about all of our festivities!

Here's a recap:
1) Went to Opelika, AL for Christmas with my Dads family. 
 Lots of good food, fun quality time with family, and holy Moses I packed on a solid 31 pounds from the fried chicken.

2) Christmas at my Dad and Step Moms house.
First time doing this at his house but my step brother was in town so it was cool visiting with him! I got a few gift cards that I asked for, Adam got a wireless drill that we needed (and other tools to go along with it), and PDizzle got a bunch of toys (some being a Fur Real kitten that meows and walks, a sneezing Ernie, and a doctors kit). I also gained 89 pounds this night.

3) Drove down to Tuscaloosa for Christmas with my Moms side.  Presley wore a smocked dress for just the 2nd time in her life and I'm not gonna lie, while it pained me to put it on her, she looked PDP (pretty darn precious).  I also had to run out and buy her some dress shoes as we only own Converse (in every color). Adam got money and giftcards, I got a new Scentsy burner, new scents, some jewelry, and money.  Presley got a butt ton of stuff, too.  A chair, pajamas, new spoons, forks, and bibs, a buckle toy, clothes, and bath toys.  At this gathering I managed to put on approximately 17 pounds.

4) Presley must've been a bad girl because Santa did not come see her.

Why? You might ask.

Because she'll never remember it.

We are now $300 richer. (still poor)

5) We leave Tuscaloosa early Tuesday morning and make the 10 hour drive to Venice, FL to suprise Adam's family a day early! We were supposed to leave on Wednesday but had several tornado warnings coming in so we decided to beat the storms.  Presley was SO good on the way down.  We only stopped a few times to stretch our legs.  His parents were very surprised to see her walk through the door! 

We are still in FL, but leave in the morning.  We have had a great time visiting with his family! We had planned on going to the beach a lot but it has been so cold.  I don't think it's usually this chilly but there's just been a cold front for a while. 

Adam also had his 31st birthday yesterday! We went out with some friends at a place we always go to on New Years.  We stayed until 1:00 am, but then came home and crashed.  This morning we hit up some sales at the mall while Presley hung out with his parents!

Right now, we are headed to dinner! I will post pictures later on!

I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!


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