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January 23, 2013

that time I almost died

Need a recipe for death? 

It's quite easy, in fact.

Here's the ingredients:
a craptastic immune system
an airplane.

That's it!

Mix the two ingredients together and you have DEATH!

I know I've been MIA but I have been busy! I started working some, the DramaBaby has been in full swing, then I went to Texas (where everything is bigger, including my ass because OH MY LANTA I ATE 500 CHEESEBURGERS). 

Then I got sick.

On day 3 of my slow death I finally went to the doctor this morning.  Flu test was negative, but doc said it was still most likely the flu.  She said the test is only 60% accurate and since I'm on day 3 of being sick that it most likely wouldn't show up positive.  And my throat is all sorts of infected. YUMMY!

I've had to reschedule several massages that I had booked but all of my clients are very understanding.  Thank goodness! 

The hardest part of being a sick Madre is not being about to love on my sweet PDizzle! After being gone for a few days all I've wanted to do was kiss her chubby cheeks and be all up in her grill.

Instead I've been ordered by Adam to stay away from her and sleep by myself while he sleeps on the couch.

Yes it would be horrible if Presley got this mess. But even worse?

If Adam got it.

Lord knows men are *the* worst when they're sick.

Adam had the flu a few years ago and he requested that I lower my voice because it was making him nauseous.  

I know.

I have a lot to catch up on. Presley's 18 month update, my trip to San Antonio, and just an overall update on Adams job!

Tomorrow. Scouts honor!


  1. Looking forward to more blogging from you! I need something to read at 2 am feedings.

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