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November 15, 2008

Lazy Bum...

That is definitely what I feel like tonight! I am sitting here watching the Alabama vs Mississippi State game in Adams room. He is at his friend Karl's house with the boys tonight. They are watching the Alabama game and playing the Wii. I am not with him because we went and played the Tiger Woods 2009 on the Wii last night and I am freakishly sore from it! It must have been a good work out! I am actually really good at the game! I was beating all 3 guys for quite some time last night, but then got bored and lost focus, and I ended up in last place. Whatever though, I am still amazing at it :) Adam and I went to a real driving range today, where I also did fabulous...I call myself the Vladimir Guerrero of golf. I have no form or anything, but I just swing really hard and hope to hit the ball. It has worked so far but I don't think my career is going to last too long doing that. There isn't a gym here that I can work out at so to stay busy we usually go for a bike ride, and we have brought out the old school roller blades a few times. Thankfully, many people in FL still think it's cool to roller blade, so I don't feel too retarded.

One night last week we went down to the beach to watch the sunset (aww, soo romantical I know). It was really pretty, there were a couple of dolphins swimming around which I was just so fascinated with, and clearly no one else was. I felt like such a tourist, most of the people have probably lived here their whole life and have seen dolphins all the time so they probably thought I was a freak every time I screamed when one would come up for air.
Adam got a call on Thursday ( I think) about two winterball teams in Mexico that were talking about him. He will know FOR SURE on Monday if he is going or not. If he isn't going, we are headed to my aunt's house on Tuesday then going to Bama on Wednesday! Whoop Whoop! Adam will only be there for a month but I will be there until Christmas, I am excited! We are going to be there for the Bama vs Auburn game and we can't wait! We have to find some tickets though! My Dad has 4 season tickets, but I am not sure if he has any extras or not. I will have to check and see!
Adam and I had a wild idea today to go to GNC and get stuff to do Ear Candling. It is done in a lot of spas and it's to get all of the ear wax out of your ears. It's a long hollow stick and you light the end on fire. The smoke makes a vacuuming effect and gets wax that you can't get with a q-tip. We were all amazed at what we saw when we unwrapped mine when we were done. The wax comes out hard and kind of looks like a piece or caramel candy. I decided that I would share my ear wax pictures with you, which I know you are thrilled about!

Not too much going on here, I am going to post some pictures and videos of our golfing and stuff!

Roll Tide!-Lindsay
Adam playing golf on the Wii

My amazing skills on the rollerblades


The sunset at the beach

At the beach
Adam cleaning out his ears :)
My turn
That, ladies and gentlemen, is my ear wax

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