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January 25, 2009

The couch potatoe strikes again..

Aaaaaaahhhhhh...I have never been so glad to sit on a big comfy couch. I made it to my Aunt's house today and am waking up bright and early in the morning to finish driving to Alabama. I know that Adam is already just so miserable and lonely without me (I'm assuming...or he better be...) but I have only talked to him a few times on the phone, so I am guessing he's just fine :)

Ohhh yes...I just wanted to say that if the last post scared anyone that just looks at the blog ONLY for baseball news, no worries, you will not be hearing about my circus-like life for much longer..it's just kind of hard to talk about baseball when it's actually not going on. So just bare with us for a while..spring training is soon and then everyone is freeeeeeee (kind of) of my not-so personal life :) Just wanted to throw that in there since I have been changing the blog to pink and writing about God only knows what. I have been thinking that maybe I should change the layout of the blog again..I'm sure there is nothing like sitting at your desk ( this really just applies to the men) looking at a sparkly pink web page...I definitely don't want to cramp any ones style or ruin a totally awesomeness reputation at work. Have no fear folks..change is near..no no..not from Obama..me :)

Adam spent a lot of time yesterday hitting. He was having a hard time finding his swing, I sure hope he finds that little sucker...we need it! Now that I am gone I am sure he will be in full baseball mode for the rest of the off season. As the days come I am getting more and more excited about baseball. I am usually really excited to watch the first month or so of games then that wears off and I usually start showing up at the games later and later and latttter. The main reason I am excited is because (as crazy as this sounds) it seems like the baseball season holds more of a routine than the off season. This off season was crazy with winter ball in the Dominican and then me traveling to and from Alabama and blah blah blah. At least during the season we have an everyday routine...somewhat.

OK well now that I just rambled on and on about a whole bunch of non sense I am going to hit the sack. Gotta get up and drive some more tomorrow!

The pictures are of my Aunts dogs..errr..I mean, kids..Izzy and Shadow. I took the pics with our new camera. The other picture is of Adam in our only chair, watching the Miss America pageant.

Rah Rah and her furry children

Shad-boy.. he really knew how to work the camera :)
Isabelle was a feisty little model..but I got a few good ones of her

This is Toasty lounging while watching TV...OK, so the chair is a little off balance..

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