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January 29, 2009

Sweet Home Alabammmmma

I am finally back in Tuscaloosa, and holy macaroni it's freeeeezing! As soon as I arrived on Monday I went straight to Taylorville Primary School and ate with the Hunter. He was really surprised to see me and wanted to go home with me, but I told him he had to stay at school so he could get smarter. And do you know what the little twerp responded with?? "I am already smart, now lets go.". How do you argue with that? He stayed though. Ohhh my, how could I forget to tell you the great news? I had to cancel my dreaded dentist appointment that I was supposed to have on Monday. For some reason every dentist in the whole nation takes my insurance. Except for this one. It was a glorious day after I found that out. Although, the same day, I made another appointment at a different office. But, I was freeeeee on that day!

Later that night me and my 2 best friends,Kristen and Page, went out to eat and it.was.amazing. It's so fun to just sit around and talk about whats been going on. We always just pick up from where we left off last time, good stuff. I hurried home after that though to watch all of the shows that I had recorded on the DVR. You never know how great those dang DVR's are until you don't have it! I got all caught up on The Bachelor, Jon and Kate Plus 8, The First 48, and some Intervention. Just let me tell you. If you think you and your family have problems, just watch a single episode of Intervention...THOSE poor people have problems. Bless their hearts! And what makes me angry is that I sat there for a whole hour watching this woman who has been getting her food intake with a feeding tube for like, 14 years. So she goes to rehab, blah blah blah, and then LEAVES soon after getting there and goes back to her old ways. Such a friggin' waste..of both of our times, I tell ya! OK, enough about that.

Oh my goodness how could I forget. My step-sister, Kassie, had her baby on the 27th. His name is Caden and oh my sweet baby Jesus he is the cutest little thing!

Adam is surviving down in Florida without me. We talk on the phone a few times a day, but these days, there's not THAT much to talk about. After over 3 years of dating the phone calls get shorter and shorter. That's all right though because he's a busy little fellow down there! Yesterday him and his friend JB went on JB's boat and did some scuba diving. Adam called me and was "trying to make me jealous." Yeah, see...the thing about that is that I have NEVER been scuba diving, never had the desire to, and have never even mentioned how "cool and exciting" it would be to go. So, I don't know where he came up with that, but it didn't work. I have no intentions of ever strapping on 500 devices of who-knows-what, and jumping into a sea of death. Sharks are not friendly creatures people, it doesn't take a genius to figger' that one out. But, he had a great time! Wednesdays are his days off of working out, so today it was back to the gym to get his work out on! There are 18 days left until he has to report to spring training in AZ so it's coming down to the wire! Eeeeeeek!

This week I have been doing a little babysitting for a family that we know pretty well. I am keeping their 8 month old Griffin until Friday. He is sooo darn cute! He just sits around and plays, doesn't cry unless he is hungry or tired. And the best of all...he is a TV junky..just like me! That's my kind of kid! Now, granted, the TV is on Noggin all day long but thats fine with me! I could just snuggle with him allll day, he's the sweetest thing ever!

Well, I think that's it for now! I wish there was more exciting things to blog about, but hey..beggars can't be choosers, right? Oh and get excited (but not too excited) I am going to insist that Adam writes a blog this weekend..so there is more exciting baseball news to come, oh and there will also be a little ,'ohhhhh how I miss my sweet little Princess Lindsay, I am just sooo depressed and lonely without her here, how will I ever survive?'...yeah, right!


Elliott and Griffin...who I am baby sitting

My step sister Kassie and baby Caden

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