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January 30, 2009

Good Googly Moogly!

Yes, I am still watching the Noggin channel with baby Griffin. Right now we are watching Maggie & The Ferocious Beast..sounds child friendly, right? The "ferocious beast" probably says "good googly moogly" about a gazillion times....it's funny

Adam got to sleep in today. When his alarm went off at 7:30 to get up and go hit, it was storming outside so him and the guys called it off (I think, maybe they just delayed it), but whatever. Before I left FL we had gotten all of his old tapes/DVDs together from college and earlier in the minors. Some of the people at IMG said they would put a "motivational video" together for him with some of the clips from the tapes/DVDs. He wrote me a text message this morning that said,"The video is freakin' sick!!!!!!!" So, there you have it folks, a totally sick video of the one and only Toasty himself. Maybe, if we are smart enough, we will try to get the video on the blog, but I'm not making any promises..we might not be able to figure it out!

Oh good googly moogly..Griffin just grunted reallllly long and hard, we all know what that means...I'll be right back....

OK, that was fun.

No big plans for this happenin' Friday night. I hardly ever go out the the bars where everyone goes on the weekends. There is something about being around obnoxious drunks that just don't appeal to my likings. As for me and Kristen, we keep like to keep it "Grandma Style". (No offense to the Grandmas out there, it's a good time for all). Tonight we are just going to hang out at her house, maybe rent a movie and cook some food..soooo romantical, I know :) Her boyfriend lives in Opelika, which is about 2 1/2 hours away, and he won't be in Tuscaloosa this weekend so she is alllllll mine! Muwahahahaha

Holy smokes, I can't believe I forgot to write about this weeks ago. OK, so in the neighborhood in FL where we were staying, we had a news reporter come to our house and ask us about our dry wall?!?! Apparently all of the houses in our "hood" had been built with Chinese Dry Wall, which supposedly is very very bad! They had said that most of the people that were affected by it were having respiratory problems, furniture ruining, air conditioners breaking, the smell of sulfur everywhere, and much more stuff. We didn't think our house was one of the bad ones but, it was! Now, I am quite the hypochondriac, so I am surprised that after we heard the news that I actually didn't stop breathing or fall apart to pieces :) So, now the builder of the whole neighborhood is having to pay for all the residents to move into other housing situations so they can pretty much gut the whole house and fix it. I mean, seriously, what in tarnation did we do to the Chinese folks to deserve this? I mean, for goodness sake, a Chinese man couldn't even get to the moon without the help of American technology (I bet you are wondering where I got this from...I'll never telllllllll). Sheesh, give us a break Cheech and Chong!


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