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January 10, 2009

A Day On The Beach

Today Adam and I spent the day at the beach on Anna Maria Island. It was nice and warm, with a good breeze flowing! The later we were there, the cooler it got! There were a good amount of people out there, assuming that the people in the water were all of the northerners who thought it was extremely hot out! I wouldn't say it was warm enough to be swimming around! After leaving the beach we stopped by Smoothie King and got a smoothie, and headed home to shower up for dinner at Adams parents house!
I am dying to go see the movie Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anna Hathaway in it, but I am still trying to bribe Adam into going. My aunt Rah Rah saw it and said it was a total chick flick..so between it being a chick flick..about weddings..I don't think I have much hope :) Adam is hoping to get all of the guys together for a day together doing paintball or high speed go karts. So maybe that will be the day that I go see the movie!

I am hoping that something fun and interesting happens so I will have something more interesting to blog about! Our days just consist of waking up, eating, working out, and more eating!


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  1. Your camera takes awesome pictures! Very nice! :)

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