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January 23, 2009

Under Construction

If you are wondering why all of a sudden the layout of our blog has taken a turn to the girly side, let me just tell you why. When is the last time you read a blog from Adam??? Exactly. I have declared the blog as my own, so therefor I must change the layout to pink...and glitter. The good thing about that is, Adam looks at the blog on his phone, which doesn't show the background...so until he actually gets on the computer, I am safe.

Welllll, the countdown continues, and I am leaving for Bama in 2 days..whoooo deee whoooo! Oh wait..I mean..I am just so so so sad and wondering what the heck I am going to do with myself with out Adam around (wink wink...). I talked to my nephew today and he is pretty pumped about me coming to eat lunch with him at school on Monday. That is usually a fun adventure because at that age, kids at the lunch table CLEARLY don't think about, "Hmm..yes, instead of placing my slice of pizza back onto my tray I am going to sit it on the lunch table where 5,000 other germs are."..or, "Sure, I did just accidentally spit on my friends food while telling that funny story." Sheesh..I just want to be like, "Hey...kid...say it, don't spray it."..But what can you do. The last time I went to eat with him I had this little black girl tell me 200 times,"HAAAAAY...my name's India."..Good for you kid, good for you. It also includes me being the unpaid lunch worker..that involves me opening up every kids milk carton and unrolling their fruit roll-up which they know good and well that their parents told them NOT to buy. But, enough about that.

Not only do I get to go eat cafeteria food as soon as I get there but right after that I have to go to the dentist. I. Hate. The. Dentist. Those evil people just slice and dice your gums then tell you to rinse with the mouthwash that they know is going to sting all of the damage that they just did. Let's not forget that I am almost positive that I am going to have a few cavities. I am pretty sure I was supposed to get those filled a while back but never did. The reason I never did was because the dentist I was going to told me I needed a root canal. That's fine. Went to the appointment got all numb and he dug away. The weird thing about it was that a few days later, my tooth was still hurting. So I called him up and told him and do you know what he said? This man had the NERVE to say "Ohhh, yep..looks like that root canal was done on the wrong tooth." So I am thinking to myself, 'What kind of DUFAS does that??'...But, instead we just made the appointment for the right tooth. But, needless to say I did not get my cavities filled by him...I am sure you understand why.

Onto less personal issues...the countdown for the baseball season is almost official! I got my plane ticket set to go to Arizona on March 3rd and I am pretty excited about that! I am excited to get to see my baseball girlfriends!! Adam is still working out pretty hard and getting ready. He is really getting into the swing of things and is ready to start playing in some games instead of hitting in the cages everyday. I am going to try to send a lot of my stuff with Adam so I don't have to worry about my luggage being too heavy. I mean, for Heavens sake...I am going to have one suitcases just for my shoes :) This year we are only taking Adams car out there, so that means we are going to have to pack lighter..which is fine on my part. Adam seems to be the one with a lot of stuff. Last year he thought it would be necessary to take his own comforter with him. Do you know where it sat all season?? In the corner of our closet..along with all sorts of other non sense. So it should be interesting when he rolls through Alabama on his way to Arizona and it's time for me to load all of my stuff in the truck. Once the end of spring training rolls around we will try to figure out where we are going to live, and who we want to live with!

On another personal note...I know on my last blog I confessed my love for McDonald's. Welllll, I am proud to say that ever since that blog I have not gone to McDonald's and I have been eating so healthy! I am now a Talapia eating fool! I think I eat it for dinner every night! Now, when I get back to Bama it's going to be tough..there are SO many good places to eat, and they aren't healthy! I am going to try my best though. I am thinking about printing off a picture of someone with a hot bod and carrying it around with me so when I start having thoughts about that evil place (McDonald's), or Taco Casa, or Willy T's, and so on..I can just pull that picture out and hopefully change my mind!

I am sad to say that there is only one picture to post, but I must say..it's a great one..Once I get back home there will be zillions of pictures on here of the kiddos.

Enjoy the weekend!



  1. Wow Princess, thats a cool pic!! I am so excited that your coming home!!

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  2. I think that should be the pic you carry around for inspiration! lol

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