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February 8, 2010

a bunch'a babbling

This afternoon my Dad starts his radiation treatments.  He will go everyday for the next 6-7 weeks, with a once a week dosage of Erbitux.  The doctors said he will be fine, but there will be days where he won't have much energy.  I know he will do great and hopefully these next few weeks will fly by and this will all be behind us! Please keep him & the doctors in your prayers! 

If you're not blind, then you probably noticed the little make-over I did on the blog! I've been messing around with the HTML thingy-ma-jig and trying to do my own layout! It's alright for now but hopefully I will get better at it! So, I am going to apologize in advance for changing the layout 300 times a week.  You'll live, hopefully.

I'm just waiting on all of the hype from the Super Bowl to die down.  Frankly, if the game doesn't include the University of Alabama,  Nick Saban and his man boobs, then I'm not interested.  I didn't root for either team for any particular reason, my mind changed about a million times:

1) I was cheering for the Saints, until the Colts scored.  Then I was for the Colts.
2) Then I thought the Saints coach had really pretty eyes, so then I pulled for them.
3) Then I thought the Colts coach looked really sad & I felt bad for him, so I started cheering for them.
4) Then I realized I had on a black shirt, so I thought I was destined to root for the Saints.
5) Then the final choice was to pull for the Colts...because their uniforms are prettier.

So, at the very last minuscule of a second, I cheered for the Saints. Since they won and all.  I don't like to lose.

But like I said, if it's not the SEC, we don't care. And honestly, I'm a wee bit ticked that Desperate Housewives didn't come on because of the game.

And I'm off! Too-da-loo!


  1. LOVE the new LAYOUT!!!
    very pretty

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  2. You did this yourself? Snaps to you Lindsey!

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