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February 24, 2010

weekend on the east coast

Sorry, I totally forgot to post this yesterday! I'm sure you were all sitting at your desks twiddling your thumbs, just waiting for me to blog! HA..yeah right.

This past weekend Adam and I drove over to the other coast of Florida to visit some friends and family. Adam's family is pretty spread out (in Florida & Michigan) so we figured since we were still here, we might as well drive over and visit! We left Friday afternoon and drove to the West Palm Beach area to visit with our friends Rich & Helena! We hung out and went to a restaurant to grab some appetizers and drinks. We ended up staying there a while, then headed back to their house & went to bed! We woke up, went to Cracker Barrel, then Adam and I were off to visit with his Aunt Patty & Grandmother for the night!

Adam and I had been planning on having some engagement pictures made for a few weeks. I had been trying to find someone who would just take the pictures with our big Nikon and I would just edit them, thinking maybe it would be cheaper. I never really found anyone but then got a nice little surprise! Adams Aunt Patty told us that she would love to take our pictures on the beach! Hall-a-lu-yer! Once we got to her house we lounged for a little bit then we were beach bound! She did a great job taking the pictures! We found a nice little area with some rocks and she started snapping away! Now, I know it helps when you have such a beautimous little model like me Adam in the picture, but really, she did awesome! Thanks Aunt Patty!

Later on that night Adams Grandmother joined us and we all went out to dinner! The weather was so nice, we even got to sit outside! Whooo de whoooo! We chowed down on a bunch'a food, had good hearty conversations, then headed back to the house. After watching the Olympics for a while we were off to bed! Sunday morning we just were lazy for a bit,Aunt Patty cooked a yummy breakfast, then headed over to visit his cousin Jessie for a few minutes, then we were west coast bound! It was good to be home, but we had a great time visiting everyone! We hope we can do it again soon!

Here are just a few of the many pictures..there are so many it's hard to choose my favorite!


  1. what a gorgeous couple! Lindsay you are soo stinkin teeny! And I think you know which pic I love because I told ya so on facebook!

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  2. Uuummm yall are going to have some pretty babies one day!

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  3. Love the pics whata beautiful couple y'all are

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  4. Love the pictures! Just beautiful!

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  5. ohh engagement photos!! lovedd when we did ours. so fun. you guys are so stinkin cute! love the blog!

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  6. I saw that you are a new follower on my blog, and I wanted to stop by and say Hello!

    You and your fiance are adorable:) My favorite picture is the 5th one down!

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