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February 17, 2010

updates of all kinds!

~  Well, we are still waiting on baseball! Adam has talked to his agent, along with a few other people throughout the past few days and they are just saying that the free agency market has taken a major downfall, soooo many guys who have to sign with teams this year.  There are still big leaguers that can't even find teams to sign with.  We are still going to try and wait it out, but the more time that passes, the more it looks like "Plan B" is going to be the route we go.  "Plan B" is Independent Ball with the Atlantic League.  I don't know much about indy ball, but basically what it is, is a league that's not in conjunction with any major league or minor league team.  There are several guys who go to indy ball, then get picked up by a major/minor league team either during the season, or after playing there for a little bit.  That is what our hopes will be if we do to there. It might just be something Adam will have to do for this coming up season and try to sign with a regular team next off season.  But, this is not set in stone yet, Adam is trying everything he can to avoid Independent Ball.  The teams are located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, & New York...umm yeah, nothing like Utah!! This has definitely been hard for Adam & I.  When you're under a contract with a team, you literally count down the time until you're a free agent.  It's supposed to be a fun and exciting process where you get the chance to choose from several teams that want you, negotiating your pay, and making new friends...but it's clearly not always like that! We never thought that spring training would be right around the corner, and Adam would still be looking for a team....it's a big let down! Not to mention, we had to take some friends to the airport the other day because they were Phoenix bound for spring training! It was kinda sad! But, throughout this whole process, Adam has really kept his head up, we've been praying all day, everyday. It's definitely been a lesson on keeping our faith, trusting in God that he will look out for us and lead us in the direction that he wants us to go..but dang it people, it's hard! But anywho, that's what's been going on in that department of our lives!!

~  My Dad is in his second week of his treatments and he is doing great! He says he feels fine so far, only have a few skin issues, nothing major! He did talk with a nutritionist who told him within the next week or so things might start getting funky with his taste buds, making things taste weird.  She just told him what he should be expecting so when it does happen, he knows that it is normal! He is going out of town for a few days, so there will be a day where he gets radiation twice in the same day.  As far as I know, the Erbitux is going smoothly too..so far, so good with him! Pray that he continues to do well with all of this!

~  I ate 6 cupcakes withing a two day time frame. I don't even want to go any further with this.

~  Speaking of eating..I am beginning to think back to when I was trying on my wedding dress.  The woman was trying to figure out what size I needed.  You can imagine how badly I wanted to hug the woman when she said "Maybe you should go with a '2'"...SSHHHYYYEEEAAAHH! But, instead we went with the '4' and just make alterations from that.  But, if I was smart then I should have agreed to getting the size 2, that way I would feel obligated to eat healthier so I would still be able to squeeze on in there! Seriously, it's like I get engaged and BAM, I start scarffing down everything in sight.  Maybe I should have gone up a size or two...

~  Oh, please don't let Adam know about the cupcakes, he hasn't realized yet that they're all gone..I didn't save him any...and hopefully by the time he reads this he will have forgotten about them completely. Props to Aunt Vickie, those things were ah-mazing.

~  Along with all of the stress from baseball and food, I can't even begin to tell you how mad I am at The Bachelor, Stupid Loser Face Jake.  I literally screamed when he kept Vienna on the last episode. I don't know why I'm surprised, I've already read all of the internet that he picks her. I guess I just keep hoping he really doesn't! I can't believe I am legitimately mad at a person I've never actually met.  But it's true..shallow, but true. 

~  I am going back to Bama on March 5th! I will be there until we figure out the baseball situation! I was on the phone with Hunter yesterday and he told me to "sneak out of the house when Adam is sleeping and COME HOME!!" Like he's holding me hostage or something :)

~ This is totally random, and probably really embarrassing for him, but I promise that one night I am going to record Adam talking in his sleep.  I'm not kidding people, he laughs hysterically while he's dead asleep.  Then, the other night he woke me up because he was saying,"Noooo way! NO WAY!!!". I can't even imagine what he's dreaming! Oh the best one so far is when he asked me if I was in the mafia.  I'm not kidding peeps, you can't make this stuff up.  He really did ask me that, and I played along with it..then stopped when he told me that I shot someone.  

~ Adam and I are going over to the other coast this weekend to see some of his family! I am purtty excited because we are going to attempt to get some engagement pictures made on the beach! I hope it's not too chilly!

~ Now, this is the most important update of all time... M y B i r t h d a y is on the 27th! Awww snap! Yeah, don't forget it..if you want our address so you can send me a pretty little present, I will be happy to give it to you.  I may or may not be joking about that.  My favorite present is tho$e little green rectangle  thingy-ma-bob$ with the face$ of tho$e weird men on them..just $ayin. 

~ That's all the updates I've got. Too-da-loo


  1. Hey Lindsay! I'm Matt Hensley's wife, Elizabeth. I love your blog!
    I just wanted to drop you a line about the Atlantic League independent ball. Matt played with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs last season and then got picked up by the Blue Jays. So while indy SUCKS lots of balls,a few guys do get picked up and as good as Adam is, he will be one of the firsts to get a call! hang in there! And if Adam needs any inside info on any atlantic teams--tell him to give Matt a shout (or if you want to know anything about it, feel free to e-mail me elizabethallain@aol.com). Ok- whew- that's a long comment!
    Best wishes on the wedding and everything else!

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  2. you are hilarious. see you this weekend!

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  3. I freakin' LOVE reading your blogs! You're the funniest blog writer ever! Love you Cuz! See you soon!!!!! I don't work weekends anymore so I want to be on ALL of the upcoming wedding planning trips!!!!

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