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April 29, 2010

random thoughts

- I've decided to write out a list of the random thoughts in my head..which can either be really entertaining or really really scary.  Your choice.

- I almost peed my pants when I saw this dog yesterday.

- As I type this in Barnes & Noble there's an old man (with his dentures floating in a clear Starbucks cup) slurping soup and coughing his lungs up (or is it out? either way, I'm throwing up in my mouth a little bit)

- In my last post I wrote that my parentals booked our honeymoon, when actually Adams parents booked it..which caused a little confusion..but we are all better now. (I must've just had little Adam on my mind :)  )

- I've read more books about HTML and Web Design in the past few days then I ever thought I would..hence the new layout.

- I should probably be reading more books on "dream interpretation" these days.  Have I ever told you that I dream very often that I swallow things, and then in real life I wake up coughing and holding my throat? Kinda scary.  So far in my dreams I've swallowed : marbles, glass, a quarter, and the cap to the laundry detergent.

- While sitting in B&N the other night (are you sensing a pattern here? This is my 2nd home) I overheard a couple "rating" peoples looks...they rated me a 6.5.  hhahahahahahahahhaahaha! I died. Ever since then I've made sure I wear make up and brush my hair when going out in public.  Maybe they'll come back and rate me again.  :o)

- My Mom is mailing me my P90x...it hasn't even arrived yet and I'm already hating it.  Too bad though, it's the best work out ever.  Maybe I should just workout in my bathing suit so I will keep myself motivated.

- I can't keep a straight face when talking to New Yorkers, I keep thinking they're accent isn't real.  I won't accept the fact that people really do talk like the people on Jersey Shore.

- Adam and I are having a difficult time finding a church here.  There's a Catholic and Episcopalian church on every corner though!

- My first day of work was yesterday.  Normally that'd be stupendous.  It wasn't. It was 56 degrees with 30 mph winds.  Needless to say, I left after making 2 trips around the golf course.

- I stare at people.  A lot.

- Rivermonsters. Please, do me a favor and never ever watch that show.  My fears of 7-foot long sting rays in the river have been confirmed. In Japan. Not that I will ever go to Japan (or maybe it was China, whatever, it was a 7 footer) but y'all, still. Scared the sheeeeet out of me.

- People in Long Island still get perms.

- Adam walked 3 times in one game the other night.  His on base % is pretty good.  He also got two hits last night.  As soon as I got to the game he started striking out.  He told me to stay home tonight which is secretly awesome because Grey's Anatomy is new. Ok, maybe that's not so secretive.

- In our driveway, there's a penny that's stuck in the cement.  It gets me every time. Oh well, it's not heads up, so I guess I don't need it anyways.

- I want to tell you so bad about my fear of running over bags that are in the middle of the road but am scared that if I tell you the reason why you'll stop reading my blog because it's borderline morbid and you will definitely put me in an institution and I don't want to go there because I want to go to Mexico in October.  But but BUT, please just do me a favor and don't run over any bags.  There maybe an animal in there.  THERE..I said it.  That's what happens when you spend too much time watching the news in NY.

- I think we shall end on that note.


  1. I knew you were going to say animal in the bag! Thats why I dont run over them too!! And whevere I see a box on the side of the road I always wonder if there are puppies or kittens inside..:(

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  2. Hahahhahhah....You get me everytime. Perms, quarters, bahahha. I would have said the same thinjgs amd tried to pick up that quarter every dang time too...oh it was a penny. I mean penny! Penny...Da da da da In spector Gadget, da da da da Inspector Gadget....oh ok, I typed Penny which amde me think of...well you get it! Anywho, Yo blog is funny fo sho and yes, ppl really talk like the Jersey shore ppl...my bf can actually do the BEST impression of that ever! Well, i'm glad that Adam is doing well in baseball. tell him to keep it up! Love you!

    Password: Iness!!! Which sounds a lot like...ummm...you get it!

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