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September 19, 2012

award winning meltdowns

Monday was Presley's first day at preschool.  I was so excited that I could hardly sleep! I had her backpack filled with everything she needed: blanket, paci's on a clip, sippy cup filled with juice, a carton of her Silk milk, an extra change of clothes, diapers, and her lunch box packed with goodies!

Her out fit was laid out, her hair was fixed, she was lotioned and sprayed with some smell good spray. God forbid she is the crusty smelly kid on the first day, but I may have gone overboard. They probably smelled her from a mile away but hey, who doesn't love Warm Vanilla Sugar on a nice cool day?

And naturally, on the ONE day when we need to be up and going she sleeps in.  Like, seriously kid? Yeesh.

So I go in, being the most annoying parent ever. 

I'm all, "ok, here are her diapers but I forgot to label them and here are her pacifiers but I brought two because I'd hate for you to lose one and then here is her sippy cup but it's got apple juice in it and I know you prefer milk SO LOOK HERES A WHOLE COTTON PICKIN' GALLON which I'm sure you can just squeeze into that little fridge over there and oh yeah her lunch has a few things that need to be warmed up but also some things that don't so make sure you don't heat up the goldfish OK LOVE YOU BYE!"

I know.

And then I headed to the office and handed out money like it was candy but I didn't care BECAUSE I WAS FREE!

They were all, "do you want to walk back down to her class and peek into the window and she if she is okay?"

"Um. No I'm good. HOLLA!"

And then I skipped town and went to Tuscaloosa for the day.  I had to give a friend a massage and also go to the health department (kdsjfnkdaHf;sdlfhdsa;f) to pick up a form for the schools records.

I wasn't worried about her all day, I know she has great teachers and was having such a good time. I was super anxious to get back and pick her up though.  I rolled in to get her around 3:30 and as soon as she saw me she lost it. In typical Presley fashion she pitched an award winning fit because she thought I was leaving again.  They said she cried a little in the morning but then had a great day otherwise!

Yesterday was a little more difficult to drop her off.  I didn't have anything to do during the day so I kind of felt bad, but I know she needs to go and get used to it. Plus, I needed to catch up on trashy tv shows.  

We pulled up to the carpool line and it was super long, so we turned around and headed to Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts. Presley only ate a bite of hers so I devoured three...THREE glazed doughnuts.  Best $2.03 I've spent all week.

Anywho, I then dropped her off and she had a great day. Only cried a little bit in the afternoon! 

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