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September 9, 2012

Roll Tide Roll!

Yesterday Presley and I woke up bright and early to head home to Tuscaloosa. We headed straight for the quad for Presleys first "real" tailgating experience. We took her one time last year but didn't stay very long since she was little! We strategically left Birmingham at 9:30 in the morning and I had high hopes that Presley would nap on the way there.
She banged her head on her car seat and yelled,"TIDE!" the whole way there.
Once we made it on campus I immediately got stressed out because I hate finding a place to park.  Usually Adam is with me and he can whip the Yukon up on a curb or in someones yard.  I would rather not drive around for 30 minutes so I just paid some boyscouts 20 bones and walked about a mile. 
And can I just say something here?
 ("Sure you can Linds!) <=== Thanks, you're always so sweet!
There needs to be a sidewalk designated for the lollygaggers and another one for people like me who are bookin' it to their destination.
YEESH! Peeps get outta my way!
We got to our tent, Presley wondered around the quad for a while, and then we went to eat.  I knew that we wouldn't have much longer before Presley got sleepy so we tried to have as much fun as possible.
Which, if you didn't know, isn't possible at all with a no-napped, can't sit still, high maintenence 14 month old. So we left as soon as we got done eating.  I was hot and she was tired. We trekked back to the truck (which seemed to be a lot farther away on the way back) and before I knew it P was asleep in the stroller.
That never happens. Ever.
We headed back to my Moms house, watched the game, ate dinner, and then headed to bed a little early!
Her and I are here for a few days while Adam is still in Birmingham.  I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday so I figured it would be a waste of money to drive back and forth so much!
Happy Sunday doodles!
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  1. You're brave to do that alone. We went to a wedding with our 4 month old last night and I told myself that I was never having fun again. I loveeeee tailgating and wedding receptions but without adult beverages they aren't nearly as fun!

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