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September 12, 2012

long hair don't care

As you all know by now (or not) I accidentally dyed my hair red last week. It was unfortunate but hey, it happens.

I'm the type of person that doesn't really care about my hair.  Not "I don't care" in the way that I don't care that it's messy or whatnot but more of the "I don't care what color it is so lets just have some fun experimenting."  I worked at a hair salon for 2 years and whenever I was in the hot seat of a stylist I would usually just say, "Do whatever you want. If there's anything funky you've been dying to try then go at it. It's just hair!"

My luscious locks have been dyed and fried several different colors. Brown, red, black, bleach blonde, some purple, some pink, and even an accidental yellow at one point.  How I still have hair on my head is beyond me, but I have a lot of it I can tell you that!

Adam loves my hair really dark. Like, black. But the problem is that I am pale and people get all butt hurt when I go to the tanning bed so I look gothic. And nobody wants that obviously.

I also like my hair dark (not black though) with some funky colors added to it. I like purple and pink, but they fade out so fast! I need to look for some clip in extensions that I can just snap in when I go somewhere. 

Anywho, I figured I would throw in some pictures of a few colors my mane has been!

I think this is the blondest my hair has ever been. I mean...wow.

This was taken a few weeks after the first picture. I went from bleach blonde to this dark brown!

A few highlights for the wedding!

This was 2 weeks after our wedding. I dyed my hair red a few days after getting home from our honeymoon!

Annnnd back to blonde :) This is my Mimi, me, and my Mom...all sporting the same hair color!

While I have no problem coloring my hair any color, I do have a problem cutting it.  I have only had short hair once or twice in my life and I will never cut it short again. My face is too round, I think. I mean, I would LOVE to be one of those people who can pull off a super cute and stylish shorter hairstyle, but I can't.

I vowed that when I became a Mom that I wouldn't cut my hair into a "Mom Do" just because I didn't have time to fix it.  If anything you can at least put long hair into a cute ponytail and it looks a little more put together (not that I do this by any means)! I told the girls I was working with that I could come into the salon and tell them to color my hair blue and they can do it, but if I came in there telling them to cut my hair that they better not. Never happened though!

I don't know why, but I've gotten really attached to my long hair lately. It's pretty long right now and I have no plans of cutting it. I feel like I want Presley to look back at old pictures when she's older and be all, "Mom! Your hair was so long and pretty!"

Totally ridiculous I KNOW! But I just don't look right with shorter hair.


**I am not bashing women with short hair...this is me being totally jealous that my face is too fat to be able to have short hair myself...so don't get your panties in a wad**


  1. I am with you in that I can't have short hair. It POOFS!

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  2. I actually love the red post-honeymoon hair! I am going in for a trim (after 3 months of long hair neglect) and am already panicking. I haven't had a good haircut in years because I go to cheap places for the trims so I can justify the swankiest salon in town for my highlights. I'm an idiot.

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  3. I need a trim SO incredibly bad! I feel the same way though, a trim is a trim. You can't really screw that up, I'd spend more money on the color!

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  4. I'm with you on the hair color thing butI love cutting my hair too. The only reason I don't hack it all off is I promised my hubby I wouldn't chop it off for a couple years. However I'm really wanting to so he may have to just deal ;)

    I love your hair red, very pretty!

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    1. Thank you! I have days where I'd rather just chop it off, but I just look ridiculous! Adam has just accepted the fact that anything could happen when it comes to my hair so he better just go with it :-)

  5. I kinda love the blonde. Biased??

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    1. Oh honey child I love the blonde, too. And if I didn't have roots a week later I'd be blonde for the rest of my life!

  6. I agree, you look better with it long. Not that your face is fat but it compliments your face better. My mom cut my hair short once when I was younger and I will never forgive her.

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    1. Yeah I don't ever see myself ever having short hair again. I regret it every time!