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September 14, 2012

Sept. 17, 2012 = D-Day

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And it isn't a jail cell. Or in the ghetto. And it also doesn't have bars on the windows.

All of which were possible features in our search because we were getting desperate and we have the poors.

After searching the internet until my eyeballs bled, we found a few places where we would consider sending the little PGP.  Most (all) of them were extremely expensive so I thought I was going to have to try and sell Adam on Craigslist just to pay for child care.

Thankfully, that didn't happen and we found a very nice church down the road who doesn't charge $900+ per month.

It reminds me a lot of Valley View in Tuscaloosa so I really felt at home.  Presley is going to go absolutely ape $#&! come Monday morning.


I'm going to be running out pointing and laughing at her poor teachers screamin',"MUWAHAHAHAHAH GOOD LUCK!"

And then I'm skipping town!

Not really, I'm probably going to come home and cry and miss my baby and eat my feelings.

I'm excited for her to play with other kids, to play with new toys, make me pretty pictures, go to music, and learn that being away from me is okay. She's become very attached to me, which sometimes I love, but most of the time is bad because I can't ever leave her.

This also means that I can finally find a job! YEHAW!

So, Monday is the big day. I'm going to pack her cute little backpack and lunch box full of goodies and then drop her like it's hot in the classroom. I probably won't linger because I don't want to see her cry!

This is the backpack and lunch box I got her at The Gap! How cute is it? It's not so bright in real life :)


  1. Woohoo! I LOVE Guinevere being in daycare, it is so awesome for my sanity. And P's backpack is supa fly.

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    1. I wanted the pink backpack and lunch box but this was the last one! And I got a sweet deal on it since it was display :)

  2. 1st I love the back pack ( I wonder how Tim would feel about me letting my son have a sparkly backpack lol, kidding...) 2nd I wish we could afford day care, everything around here is the super duper expensive stuff, and since I have my mom local who is willing to watch him we don't do it, but I really feel like E misses out of the socialization :(

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  3. Love her new backpack and lunchbox, she's going to be stylin' :)

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