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July 9, 2011

preparing for baby

Well, the end of the countdown is nearing! I was sure that this time would never come but somehow it snuck up on me! In the beginning of my pregnancy it seemed like my due date was sooo far away, but now there there are days left, I feel like I could use a little more time. More mentally than physically.  If it weren't for the fact that I truly hate about 99.87% of everything about pregnancy, I'd let her stay in there for a little while longer.  I mean, of course I want her here but I also know that when she does come things are going to be totally different, and for the first few days, weeks, or months..very stressful! 

The past few days Adam and I have been trying to get a few last minute things done.  We both have a lot of time on our hands now that I am done with work and he's done with school.  I may or may not have mentioned it before but Adam isn't taking any classes during the second summer semester and baseball is finished! Now he has no reason to complain when we are up all during the night with the little meatball :)

He has been doing some baseball camps and working out some of the Bama baseball players, though.  That's really all he's been doing though.  Oh, and catering to most of all of his bitchy hormonal wife's needs.  

Speaking of labor, or not, I did have a little "false but not really false just me being really dramatic and paranoid"...alarm.

Thursday afternoon I took Hunter and Taelor swimming.  I knew I had been having a few contractions throughout the day but they didn't hurt and weren't that regular so I just ignored it.  It's what I do best!  That night they got closer together and a little more "crampy" so I called the on call doctor just to make sure it was safe for me to wait until the next morning to go get monitored.  I really didn't want to have to go to the ER and spend all night there! He said it was fine but if my water broke or they got more intense to head to the hospital.  Duh.

They continued throughout the night but I tried to sleep through most of it, I called my doctor as soon as they opened and they said to come in and they would hook a brotha' up and check me out.  I tend to be one of those people that will have something happen or go wrong, and as soon as it's time to get it checked out it's already passed or it won't happen again.  I apologized to the nurse in advance for wasting her time if it showed I wasn't having contractions. But, BEHOLD! Yours Truly was indeed having them and they were pretty close together.  Like every 5-6 minutes apart! 


The doctor checked me (my doc wasn't in the office that day so I saw a different one) and he said that I was still just 1/2 cm dilated so I could go home.  I was glad to hear that because I had a 1:30 bikini wax appointment that day so she would've totally messed up my plans! I kid, I kid. But seriously though...the wax was important.

Anywho, I'm still pregnant. I'm still having contractions. My sciatic nerve is pinched which is just all sorts of fun. Oh, and our toilets are broken and the Roto Rooter people can't come until Monday. They've obviously never had a 6-7 pound baby push on their bladder 24 hours a day, otherwise they'd send out all of the troops and fix our toilets! 

Well, I think that's it. I had totally planned on posting pictures of her nursery but I haven't decided if I want to keep the furniture where it is right now or move it around.  Be patient though, maybe I will do it tomorrow!

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  1. Lindsay - I am an old lady, (6 months into the big 50 and fighting every step of the way!) with 2 grandbabies and another on the way in August! I am crazy nuts for your blog! You'd think I was back in my 20's going through my pregnancies again as much as I check for updates on you and your sweet "P!" I'm trying to convince my preggo stepdaughter to start one as she is a gifted photographer and talented writer. But girl you've got it cornered on blog pregnancy humor! I sit in front of my laptop reading your blog and crack up...my husband thinks I'm up to something! Ha! Anyway, I've been following for a few months and finally decided to comment! Hope you're doing well and handling the heat! I was 9 months preggo with my son in the summer of 1988; with record breaking temps and a drout...I thought I was gonna DIE! LOL Sooo, she's almost here...hang in there!!! Can't wait to see her precious face!

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