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July 5, 2011

37 weeks

how far along?
 37 weeks

total weight gain?
Big Girl over here has hit the 150 pound mark.  That puts me at a total weight gain of 29 pounds, could be worse I guess! 

stretch marks?
So far, so good.  My stomach has started to itch though which can't me a good sign. I only have to make it 10 more days, please let them hold off!   

I've accepted the fact that I am done with sleeping.  Although, I did "sleep in" today until 5:30! I need to stock up on coffee! 

best moment this week ?
Getting settled in the new apartment, getting the nursery set up, hanging up all of her clothes, and my doctors appointment! Looky there, a good week at last!  

worst moment this week?
Feeling 645 months preggo.  I hurt everywhere, sleeping even hurts, breathing hurts...Hell, at this point even blinking hurts.

I would get another massage, but I think I'm too far gone.  Tooooo far gone I tell you.

Not so much "movement" as "trying to claw and kick her way out of my uterus"...but what's the difference, right? 

Captain Crunch, blueberries, & Subway.  Yes, you read right, I said Subway.  Look at me, eating all healthy and junk! It's never too late! 


labor signs?
I am definitely having contractions in the middle of the night.  When I get up to pee in the middle of the night my stomach is hard as a rock, but no cramping or anything.  

belly button?
Still half and half.  It's got 10 days to do it's thang then it's quitin' time! I'm very disappointed in my belly button, I was hoping for some dramatic "pop"...but nothin'

what I miss?
Being able to roll over in bed without having to hoist my stomach over first. 

My tolerance for stupid people..or really just "people" in general is at an all time low.  I've been getting annoyed pretty easily and honestly, the next person to tell me that "Presley will come when she's ready to come" I may go postal on them.  She doesn't get to make the decisions around here! 

what I'm looking forward to?
Getting the car seat in stalled tomorrow or the next day, packing my hospital bag, then Tuesday I go back to the doctor where we will set up my induction appointment! After that, it's on like Donkey Kong!

weekly wisdom?
Never move when you're 9 months pregnant. Although, this shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone that has even a smidgen of common sense.  Worst mistake of my life.

I had my weekly appointment this afternoon.  Things are still right on track with my weight and everything.  I was for sure that I had gained about 3 pounds in the last week but to my surprise I only gained 1 pound! Yeaaaaahhh booooyyyyy!

She checked me, I am 50% effaced, and about a fingertip dilated (half a centimeter).  The Doctor is fairly certain that by next week I will be 1 cm dilated which gives us the green light to induce a week early! 

Can I get an AMEN?

We still have lots to do ,and lots to buy before the 15th.  Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and getting a pedicure..if I get a wild hair I may even get a manicure...who knows.

I still haven't packed my bag.  I'm nothing if not the queen of procrastination.

Presley's diaper bag is somewhat packed..I'm not really sure what else she needs in her bag that we won't get at the hospital.  People keep telling me to pack lots of receiving blankets but my thought on that is...how many times will we be receiving her???

I still have to get a nursing bra, I guess nursing pads too...oh my...what is my life coming to?

I'm thinking about making Adam go buy the huge pads they make you wear after delivery.  Just for my own entertainment.  I think nothing would make me laugh harder than the thought of Adam standing in line at Publix with the worlds largest Maxi pads in hand.  I'll let you know how that goes!

That's all for this week...I'm going to go do some accupressure on myself (see, my education is coming in handy!) and maybe do some squats and lunges! HOLLER!


  1. Getting SO close and you look great!

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  2. My two cents:

    In her diaper bag - take nothing except an outfit to come home in. All the extra, empty space was perfect to cram in all the stuff I "took" from the hospital - diapers, wipes, formula, etc. The nurses told me to steal everything, since insurance is billed for it anyway, so you'll be glad for an extra bag to stuff.

    For my bag - beyond the normal that everyone else says to pack, I was glad I packed facial cleansing wipes (so much easier than washing my face), normal clothes (I hated wearing the gown and changed out of it immediately - I preferred wearing leggings, nursing tanks, and cardigans, and still live in those 3 things, 3 weeks later.)

    Regarding huge pads - don't buy them yet. I did in advance, but by the time I got home, I wanted something much smaller than what I took from the hospital. I have a ton of massive pads I took home, but was far more comfortable in the Always UltraThin with Wings for the next 2 weeks, than anything truly big, since my bleeding really wasn't that heavy.

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