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July 18, 2011

Dang Ol' Bilirubin

Well, we still aren't home! This morning the pediatrician said that PDizzles jaundice had gotten worse and they were going to keep her under the Bili-light all day to help get rid of it. I was super upset because I just want to get home! 

It's been a very long day, Adam had to go coach a baseball camp, so it was me and my Mom hanging out all day (and Anna Lisa who works in the hospital, she hung out with us too!). I haven't left the room all day and I just want to snuggle my wittle bitty baby! 

They tested her levels again at 6:00 and any second now we should get the results. I have the phone sitting right beside me as we speak. Adam and I have to be out of the room by midnight because insurance won't cover any more nights. We are able to pay for a room in a different part of the hospital so we are going to do that. No way are we leaving our baby and going home, besides, I have to feed her!

I can't say enough how thankful I am to have my Mom here to help. She is here as soon as I need her, stopping and getting me the things I need, and does everything she can to help. She has taken the week off of work and is going to stay with us at the house and I am soooo grateful for that! 

So far motherhood is everything I expected: motha-bleepin-exhausting!

I'm on a really weird schedule where I pretty much never sleep. I have to pump every two hours to help bring my milk in, then I have to feed la niƱa every three hours, and that takes an hour. So by the time I get all of that done I only have a small window of time to sleep before I start all over again, and that time is filled with people coming in and out of the room. 

Shoot me now! 

I did have my first "mommy moment" last night though! The nurse was supposed to bring Presley back to me at 2:00 AM so I could feed her. Around 1:00 AM they come wheelin' her in my room saying they could not calm her down and she wasn't acting hungry, just fussy. As soon as I picked her up and she saw me she stopped crying and fell right asleep!

I died. Oh my gosh I have a child. 

Pray we can go home tomorrow! I'll update when I can! 


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