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April 9, 2010

in which I embarass my fiance. Twice. Maybe three times, depending on how you look at it.

In my last post I mentioned that Adam and I were going to go register.  You will all be happy to know that we both made it out alive, and it wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be.  But it didn't start out that way.  Allow me to explain.

Before I even "go there" I need to start off by saying that Adam is a major "planner".  He is one of those types of people that wants to research ev-ery-thing before making a decision on buying something.  Which is cool, sometimes.  Actually, that's a lie. It's not cool, it's frustrating because usually by the time you find what you want, then go home and research every-other-mother-friggin'-option you've changed your mind about that original thing you wanted in the first place.

But I digress.

Anywho, so we walk into Target and make our way over to the guest services where they give us the little scanner gun. Sounds so fun! And I am so pumped!..then it happens:

Adam: "Babe, I don't think we should do this right now."

Me: "Oh hell-to-the-freakin'-yeah we are doin' this right now." (This was his only day off from working out..just so you know)

Adam: "I really really think we should go to Barnes & Noble and do some research on this kind of stuff, like what to register for."

Me: "......(still wondering if he's kidding or not).........."

Oh oh OH but he wasn't kidding.  He was dead serious.  I just pretended that those words never escaped his mouth and went on with my bidness with the scanner gun.

But have no fear, my friends.  He got he hang of it and we went our merry way and got it done. I did let Adam pick out a lot of the stuff..and by a lot I mean only the shower curtain and towels, but that's better than nothing, right?  Turns out Adam isn't one of those guys that wants to register for tools & other manly things.  Please, don't tell him I told you this, but he asked me if we could register for a hair dryer.  Let me give you a minute to let that soak in.

Got it? Ahh yes, that's why I love him. Poor thing, he's the cutest. 

We got home and I got on Targets website just to go through the list of what we registered for.  Turns out we have like 5 extra items that we didn't know we I scanned.  See, when we were in the store I was just pointing the scanner at random stuff to see how far that little laser would go..come to find out, it goes pretty far.  Good times.  

After that adventure, we went to find Adams wedding band.  We went to a few jewelers and finally ended up at Fincher & Ozment.  Found the ring pretty quickly..only thing is, Adam wanted to ring right then. Why, you ask? Because he wanted to wear it to the Justin Moore concert.  Ya'll, I swear, he kills me with this stuff :)

Speaking of Justin Moore, we went to watch him play last night at the Jupiter and it was a blast! We've seen him play in Florida, but it was much better watching him play in T-Town :)

We leave for Huntsville tomorrow, then will be New York bound on Sunday! I will blog from my Dads house tomorrow! 


  1. I am crying from laughing so hard!!!! Can't wait to see what you've registered! Hair dryer....as in the kind you sit under??? Now that would be cool!!

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  2. No, just a regular ol' blow dryer. Although, I wouldn't mind having one to sit under :-)

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