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April 20, 2010

Yankee Stadium

Last week Adam and I took the train into the Bronx to watch the Angels play the Yankees.  Adam wouldn't let me wear my Angels shirt to the game and was all, "I don't want to spend the whole game fighting people because you're wearing an Angels shirt blah blah blah." Turns out there were several people wearing Angels gear and I didn't see one single fight.  Terry wasn't at the game that night, he found out the night before that he cleared waivers and was being sent to Salt Lake City.  But, we did get to see Brandon play at 3rd base!  We sat with his fiance, Lindsey, during the game.  They also had some friends there from Washington DC, I can't remember the guys name but his wife's name was Lindsey.  3 Lindsay/Lindsey's sitting right next to each other, you can only imagine how difficult it was when one of the guys called out one of our names.  Good times.  Adam and I ended up leaving during the 5th inning because we had a long train ride home and plus, it was freeeeezing! It was fun, Yankee Stadium is really nice..the Bronx though, not so much.  And the whole train/subway thing, scares the piss out of me. Talk about clausterphobia at it's best.  People are sleeping, snoring, coughing, singing, farting (which then involves crop dusting and if you don't know what that is you have obviously never been crop dusted and this is not very lady like of me to be talking about farting and crop dusting but it's true people, it really is..and now I have 'crop dusting' in my computer history because I was trying to see if there is an actual definition for it, and there's not, just so you know..I majorly digress though).  Then there's the people yelling obnoxiously because apparently in the whole entire state of NY it's necessary to only yell during conversations and people don't really know the term "inside voice".  Those train rides sound fun, huh?! I was a little t.o.'ed because I am pretty sure that I gave my seat up to a woman who faked her pregnant belly just so someone would give her a seat for the long subway ride.  Sure did fool me, but what she might not know is that I am the best pregnant belly faker ev-er and I just might try that little trick next time. These people, they're jokesters.  Wow, if you made it to the end of this paragraph I applaud you because talk about major rambling!

This was the night before, we rode the train up to NYC to see our Angel friends (Reggie & Terry).  We went to Ray's Pizza :)

That's about all the excitement we've had so far! Adam has played in two "spring training games" where he did great in one game, then not so good in the next.  But that's baseball :) Their first game is on Thursday night!  I went job hunting yesterday and it was may-jah-ly unsuccessful! I can't do massage in NY because it's one of the only states (besides Florida) that requires me to go back to school for more hours. Which is just stupendous.  I'm going to keep trying.  Another option is for me to move back to Alabama and -wait for it....wait for it...are you ready??- go back to school! Now now now before you get all hog wild happy on me, let me explain! I would probably just finish up my basics at the community college in T-Town then go from there.  It's a little far fetched because um hello, I am planning a wedding too.  So I am calling today, getting my transcript from UA sent to Shelton and see what kind of bidness we'd be talking about.  It's just a thought.  I can't just sit in Long Island all baseball season with no job, so I am having to look at other options.

Alrighty, talk to you weirdos later.

Love, peace, & chicken grease,


  1. I cannot wait to go back to NY and go to the Y.S!!!

    Boo Adam, I did see ppl in all 3 games wearing Angels shirts!!!

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  2. See Lindsay...It is great to have a name that NOBODY else has...like-hmmm, idk, ANNA LISA!!!!!!!! Anyways, the subways/ trains are kinda creepy. One time in NYC (pausing for you to say, 'This one time at band camp') ok, I digress...I rode on the subway from Canal Street all the way back to my apt at 11 pm! Talk ab creepy!!!! I had my mace in hand ready to fire! The bronx is rouogh, but they have some great restaurants! Ok, keep us posted on you coming back for school, although I saw that you did get a job soooooo probably not happenin...lol. Love you!

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