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April 13, 2010

Long Island

Well, we made it! After a short 3 hour drive from PA we entered into NY and immediately got a big ol' slap in the face by the traffic.  I know I said it on Facebook earlier, but it must be said again - traffic in NY makes me want to punch a baby. It makes no sense that when there is a FENDER BENDER on a bridge to call 47 firetrucks and 16 tow trucks.  I don't know much about blood pressure but I do know that mine was through the roof at this particular time.  Add in the fact that Adam and I really had no idea where we were going, and we aren't experienced aggressive (yes, to spell that word I did have to go through the cheer "be aggressive, b-e aggressive, b-e - a-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e AGGRESSIVE!"sorry, flashback..)drivers so we were getting honked at & flicked off during this whole process. Good times.

We finally entered Long Island thinking that we would finally make it to the baseball field to get the info on the basement apartment that we would be living in. And we did, we got all of the info and headed straight to Panda Express because I was in a crappy mood.  Panda Express is a fantastical way of perking me up & Adam & I both agreed that if I was fed, my outlook on the apartment might be more positive than if I was grouchy and hungry.  But but BUT that's not how it turned out.  We pull up at the house, looks decent.  We see a camper in the drive way, hoping that's not what we are staying in.  It's not.  We walk around the back yard to the private entrance to the apt.  Looks kinda creepy, especially if I were by myself but we keep truckin' through.  We unlock the door and BAM..we enter the gates of Hell.  Allow me to paint this picture for you (because I forgot to take my camera in):

I'm 5'3".  I could raise my hand and touch the ceiling without even standing on my tippy toes. Stupendous. There's a small den with a couch that's at least 30 years old (either that or that got it off the side of the road). We are suffocated by paint fumes. The bedroom doesn't even have a bed. And there's a chest of drawers..with the drawers laying on the ground.  No dishes. No pots and pans. A shower that my 2 year old niece would barely fit in. No other furniture.  And a 13 inch TV. 

I'm no high maintenance person.  I can slum it out.  I can suck it up.  But even Adam wanted to hurry up and get out of there! At this point, we were thinking the camper in the drive way would be like staying in the Ritz! We headed straight back to the field where they told us the team would put us up in the Sheraton for a few nights while we figured something out. I headed straight to the hotel (Adam had to stay for a team meeting), and when  I walked in I swear there was pearly gates and angels singing. Brand new hotel & super nice! Got checked in and immediately got on Craigslist to find a new place.  No luck there! When Adam got back I was .41385 seconds from crying.  I was tired, frustrated, my back hurt, my feet hurt...and I was watching Kate Gosselin dance on DWTS..horrid! Any who, we searched all night and finally gave up until this morning.  As of right now, we are trying to work a deal with the Sheraton to see if we can just live here.  We have a few more options but will have to look into it! 

And the accents.  Oh sweet Heavens they're gonna be the death of me. You know on the movies when you hear someone from NY or Boston talk and you think, "that accent can't be what they really talk like up there." Oh but it is.  And it's worse than in the movies because at least those people are acting and faking it.  As I was sitting in the front office at the baseball field yesterday a guy walked in and said to the receptionist, "Yo, I needa tawlk ta somebahdy about aydvatisin' ova da dugout." It was painful to my precious southern ears. Then THEN when he was done "tawlking" to the receptionist he said, "Thanks hun, you're a dahl (doll), you're a dahl." 

I have a feeling the this is going to be an adventure that Adam and I won't forget! It can only go uphill from here! Tomorrow we are taking a train into NYC and eating dinner with Terry & Brandon (the Angels and playing the Yankees).  Then on Thursday night we are going to the game, so pictures to come later on in the week! I'm pretty sure I will be posting pretty often, by the looks of it there will be lots to talk about!

"tawlk" to you guys lata!


  1. OMG, that apartment sounds like a nightmare. Thank god you made it to a Sheraton! I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you can live there instead!!

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  2. Hang in there girl! It will all work out...sometimes not until the very.last.possible.second...but, it does somewhow work out.

    Keep us posted with all the details. I wish I knew someone who lived in Long Island. Dern.

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  3. Welcome to New York! I went through the exact same thing when I lived there. you may want to look up Coporate Living Apartments. They are apts for ppl who do internships and such...fully furnsihed and nice usually. It will at least give you a place to look up! You'll get used to accents...they are terrible...I know! just know that this is not a permanent thing...and I will come visit you as soon as possible! for real this time...you will need a guide in the city. What town in long island are you living? I worked in Mieola! Let me kno1. miss you love you and props on remembering that cheer...as if I coudl forget it1 hahah Love!

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