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April 25, 2010

no power cord = no blogging

Sorry home fries, my power cord died and went to Power Cord Heaven a few days ago. So much has happened in the past week, I know you're just dying to know.  But maybe not.

Thursday was Adams first baseball game! He started at 3rd base and batted 5th in the line up.  That's pretty much been the scenario for the other two games too.  I think that for every game he's gone 1 for 3 with a walk.  But don't hold me to that.  But he has gotten a hit every game so far, so maybe, just maybe, if he keeps that up we will be out of here soon!  He's done an awesome job at 3rd base too. He's all scraped and bruised up from diving and sliding, but it's all from good plays! In the past few season he's spent most of his time in the outfield which obviously, isn't as eventful as the infield is.  It's been purtty cold here at night, so I usually leave the game early and go sit in the car until it's over with.  Last night I ended up just staying at home because it was so cold.  I think it would be different if I had girls to talk to at the field, but there aren't any girls out here.  So it makes for a long night in the stands by myself!  I hope it starts to warm up soon!

It's official: I have a job! I'm now the beverage cart girl on the golf course at the country club here.  It's a super nice golf course on the water and it's (for the most part) always packed out!  I work 3 days a week, but the other girls said I should make enough money where that's plenty of days.  Plus, I can always work extra events, cover shifts, or work in the restaurant/bar for extra hours.  Most likely, when Adam is on a road trip i will try to get in more hours.  It's only 5 miles from the baseball field which is perfect because on the days that I work, I will have to drop Adam off early.  It's fine though because when he get's there early he can get a good workout in :)  I was supposed to start today, but it's been raining since last night so I won't start until tomorrow.  Unless its still raining.  And in that case we might want to look into buying a boat to get to and from places.  Seriously, it's flooding everywhere.  Anywho, todays game has also been cancelled. Which is great, except for the fact that it pretty much ruined my grocery shopping plans.  If there's one thing I hate to do, it's grocery shopping with Adam.  He only likes to buy what's on sale, which sucks for me because Bagel Bites and Lucky Charms are NEVER on sale. Ever.  We are all in a happier place when I go without him.  End of story.

Well, I thought I had much more to talk about, but apparently it all slipped my mind! Toodles!

**sorry, no recent pictures, but I will take some at the next baseball game, promise!**

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