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May 25, 2011

So What Wednesday?

I'm trying to fulfill my duties a blogger and posting more than once this week. Go me!

Go to Shannon's blog and link up for So What Wednesday!


~if I've been married for over 7 months and I just mailed out our thank you cards.

~if I haven't played any classical music for my unborn child. I look at it this way, we don't listen to classical music at home (more like Usher, Pitbull, Black Eyed Peas, The Biebs, Pink, & Eminem) so if we played classical music while she's still in my stomach and then played Britney Spears when she got here she'd be all sorts of confused!

~if I am addicted to pathetic shows like 16 & Pregnant & The Real World

~if I told Adam to be quiet the other day because "the baby is finally asleep".  I mean, she isn't even born yet, but I'll be darned if she didn't kick me for two hours straight and then finally passed out! I needed some relief and if she's awake, she's beating me up.

~if I nearly choked on my drink a few weekends ago when my niece walked downstairs with a book called "Penis Pokey" and asked, "Can you read me this story?". 

Trust me when I say it was a gag gift and has been in a drawer since the day it entered our house!

So what if...

~I bought a box of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls and hid them in the back of the pantry so Adam wouldn't find them.


~if I am 25 years old and still sleep with a blanket and on an Animal Crackers pillow? 
**note to self: grow up.**

Ok..well that was fun! Maybe I will do SWW again next week!

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  1. hahaha all those things are completely acceptable..

    especially the real world and 16 and pregnant watching... because I do that too.


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