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May 1, 2011

28 weeks

How far along? 28 weeks

Total weight gain: I go to the doctor tomorrow for some "official results" but, while staying with my Grandparents for the past few days I stepped onto their scale and it looks like I may be up to a total of 16 or 17 pounds....eeeeek!

Stretch marks? Nope!

Sleep: This past week it hasn't been too great.  Due to the tornado that came through (more on that later) on Wednesday everything has been very hectic.  But, I am going to get a pregnancy pillow this week, maybe that will help!

Best moment this week: Forget about it...I seem to only recall all of the bad things.  I'm definitely feeling 7 months pregnant these days.  My back hurts, my feet hurt, my ankles are starting to swell, I've got ridonkulously horrible headaches..shall I go on?

Movement: Sweet Jesus, yes! It's starting to get uncomfortable.  It's not the cute little fluttery kicks anymore.  It's the jabbing of the feet and elbows, the flipping over, and kicks in the ribs! Yowzas!  

Food cravings: Lucky Charms for sure! Well, technically it's Marshmallow Matey's because my husband makes me buy the off brand.  

Gender: Girl- Presley Grace!

Labor signs: None! Although, I am going to ask my doctor tomorrow what exactly a BH will feel like.

Belly button in/out: Any day now this sucker is going to pop out. 

What I miss: Being able to comfortably bend over...putting shoes on these days is quite a task.

What I am looking forward to: July.  That's it.  I'm over pregnancy and ready to snuggle my little nugget.  

Weekly wisdom: ....when your 7 year old nephew tells you that it looks like you swallowed "the biggest watermelon ever", don't take it personally.  In fact, drive straight to McDonald's and get a large order of french fries and a Diet Coke. Not that I would know anything about any of that.............  

Milestone: Ummm, am I in the 3rd trimester? If so...then whoooo de whoooo!

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  1. Lindsay! I'm a UA alumni and blog stalker/lurker! I love reading your blog and I'm so thankful to hear you are ok! I thought about you when the storms came through and was so happy to click on your blog today and see an update! Praying for everyone that way and thankful you and Adam are safe! Love, Jennifer

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