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May 14, 2011

4D Ultrasound

 This past Thursday I went to have a second attempt at a 4D ultrasound.  I went with the girls from work (Adam was already in Auburn for baseball) and what do ya know? Home-girl had her face covered up with both hands.  After poking her in the head a few times I think she finally got a clue about who is really sailing this ship, her momma! We spent several minutes trying to get the right angle because apparently doing the 4D is more complicated than it seems.  In order to have a front view of the baby's face, the little camera-thingy-ma-jig has to be on a profile view of the face. Yeah, I'm actually not really sure.  But any who, we finally got Presley to cooperate and we got to see her presh little face! I think she was sleeping during the time we went, so next time we are going to try to go in the morning when she is more active!  It looks as though she has my chin, but she really looked a lot like Adam too! When I sent Adam the videos that I took he said,"Oh no babe! She looks a lot like me...I want her to look like you!"  I know, I know, I did too.  If you ask me, I think Adam and I look a lot alike, and it's also hard to tell what a baby looks like while it's still cookin' away, so it really doesn't matter at this point!  During the ultrasound Presley made some pretty weird faces.  She also poked her lip out at one point and I was all,"Awww h-e-"double hockey stick"! You betta put that thang back in!" I will not fall for a pouty face! 


Isn't she cute??

You better say yes!!

Here is a baby picture of Adam....

and of course, Yours Truly. 

Not that it really helps but whatever!

During the US the tech measured my fluid and said it was a little on the low side.  She wants me to mention it at my doctors appt on Monday since this is the second time she has done an ultrasound and it's been low.  I don't know what my doctor will do but I am guessing they may want to do an US to measure it.  I'm not too concerned quite yet though.  Presley is definitely moving around a lot, although I am sure she's beginning to get a little squished.  

I will have my 30 week update posted tomorrow! 

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