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June 12, 2011

blog makeover & weekend fun

Well boys & girls, like my new look? I finally bit the bullet and paid someone to redesign the old blog-a-roo.  I got tired of mine only looking half way professionally done, so I contacted Tenille from Templates by Tenille    and she gave it the perfect touch! She is very reasonably priced and works super fast.  Like, had it done within a few days of me contacting her.  She would have been done much sooner but I was super annoying very picky about what I wanted! Anywho, it looks great and as soon as PDizzle gets here and we have some pictures made we are going to redo the header!


This past weekend was very eventful.  My Dad and Missy got married at their house in Huntsville and there were lots and lots of people, lots and lots  of food, and lots and lots and lots of wedding cake for this fatty.  Seriously, I'm not going to give out an exact number of how many pieces of cake I had, but to give you a ballpark range...it was between 5-8 pieces.  

But that's neither here nor there, so let's move on.

Missy is from New Meh-he-co Mexico (they met through work) so she made the big move to good ol' Bama.  Bless her, that's love! We had never met her side of the family so it was a lot of fun to get to know them! She has two kids, Jeff & Nikki, who are just a wee bit younger than I am! They won't be moving here, they go back to NM next week, but we hope to see them more often now that they're family! 

The ceremony was short and sweet which was stupendous because Yours Truly wouldn't have made it in the blistering hot for much longer.  If you weren't aware that it is possible to sweat in between your toes, just take my word for it.  Not to mention that for the majority of the ceremony all I could think about was " wouldn't it be momentous if my water broke right now??"  

But it didn't. 

I thought it did but it turns out that was just sweat dripping down my back...then down my leg...talk about a visual, huh?

After everyone ate all of the kids got in the water to cool off and they had a dandy ol' time.  I had a bathing suit on but for everyone's safety never took my dress off. Adam joined the kids and played for a while so when it came time to come home he was exhausted.  And being the diva that I am, I refused to drive any of the way home.  Adam stopped for a Red Bull and we were off. Poor guy, he really must love me :)

We were glad to be home but can't wait to go back up to Huntsville and see everyone again soon! Adam took lots of pictures but we just threw some into a collage for the blog! 

Please note that I am extremely large in the few pictures that we have.  I'm ignoring the fact that I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and just blaming all of the swelling on the heat and hoping that I don't always look like a big swollen sausage.

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